HUFT Doggy Doodle Notebook

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₹ 129.00
₹ 129.00

The Doggy Doodle Notebook is always there for those late night brilliant ideas, party planning responsibilities and anything else! Its design is reminiscent of a walk through a flower garden and even features a companion doggie for company.

  • Product type: Notebook for hoomans
  • No. of Pages: 64
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Ruled pages
  • Recyclable

HUFT Tip: Your pet's behaviour tells you a lot about his or her state of mind. Learn to identify calming signals and note down situations when your pet uses them. This will help you understand what your pet wants.

Dimensions (in inches):
Small -5.5 x 4.25
Large -8.5 x 6