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HUFT Double Trouble Rope Toy for Dogs

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₹ 249.00
₹ 249.00
A terrific toy for interactive play, the HUFT Double Trouble rope toy is fun for pet and parent or two friendly dogs. Besides playing tug-of-war, you can also toss this toy for your dog to fetch or let your pet try and undo the knotted centre!
  • Product type: Rope toy for dogs
  • Made of 40% cotton, 20% polyester,40% jute
  • Washable
  • Please buy appropriately sized toys for your pet
  • If you notice signs of wear and tear, please replace the toy
  • We always recommend pet parental supervision during playtime
HUFT Tip: Chews can get quite dirty with general dust and the drool your pet leaves on it. This is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. So, the good thing about rope toys is that theyre washable and can be kept clean.