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HUFT Fade-In Dog Bowl - Red

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₹ 399.00
₹ 399.00

Designed to draw the eye and easy maintenance, the HUFT Fade-In Bowl is perfect for doggies and pet parents. Made of stainless steel, these are easy to wash and keep clean. The rubber base makes it slip resistant and helps it stay put.

  • Product type: Bowl for dogs
  • Stainless steel
  • Rubber base

Care Instructions:Wash by hand with a mild dishwashing soap. Rinse well after.

HUFT Tip:While dry kibble can be left in your pet's bowl for a few hours without a problem, wet food cannot. Wet food can go bad and get smelly if you leave it out. Rather than leaving it in the bowl (if your pet is off his food), offer it to a friendly stray.


Small - 350ml
Medium - 860ml
Large - 1750ml
XLarge - 2700ml