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HUFT Freedom Leash - Available in Multiple Colors

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The Freedom leash has two collar attachment clips that allow you secure one end of the leash cross-body for a hands-free walk. You can also use one of the clips to easily secure your pet to a post, tree or ring (rather than tying it). Its design allows you to adjust the length of the leash to suit your needs. However, the best part of this leash is that you can use it to take two pets for a walk at the same time!

Product Type: Functional leash for dogs
Allows cross-body wear for hands-free walks
Suitable for long-leash walking
Two collar attachment clips
Adjustable length
Length: 3 metres

HUFT Tip:Letting your pet sniff on his or her walks provides them with mental stimulation. This is their time to catch up on all the news in the neighbourhood. Allowing them to sniff plenty also tires them out.