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HUFT Yakies Chew Bone - Large - Pack of 7

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₹ 1,649.00

What are Yak Chews and why is it good for my Dog?

Give your pet something great to chew on! This Yakies Chew Bone is tough and perfect to strengthen your pet's gums and teeth. Made entirely of natural yak's and cow's milk, it is 100% organic and devoid of preservatives. A healthy chew bone, it is high in calcium and in protein, making it a healthy treat for your pet

Benefits of HUFT Yakies Chew Bones:

  • An all-natural recipe, 100% Organic

  • Made from yak and cow's milk

  • No preservatives or chemicals

  • Low fat, high calcium and protein

  • Gluten-free, Non-staining

  • Healthier alternative to raw-hide bones

  • Available in different sizes