Intersand Cat Exclusive - Clumping Cat Litter - 10 kg

Scented, odour control & easy to scoop
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₹ 1,120.00

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  • Baby powder scented
  • Scoop-able clumps and economical
  • Optimal odour absorbency

Thanks to its optimal odour absorbency, it is easy on the nose. Its baby powder scent makes it all the more pleasant. This economical formula makes one bag (10 kg) of Cat Exclusive litter equal to 28 kg of conventional litter.

Clumping cat litter
Baby powder scented
Scoop-able clumps and economical
Optimal odour absorbency

HUFT Tip: Never flush scoop-able litter, it can cause blocks. You should just dispose of the clumps with household waste.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Wendy Gommery (Nagpur, India)
Intersand Cat Exclusive - Clumping Cat Litter - 10 kg

I ordered 40 kg of the clumping cat litter. The product is very good and my cats love it. I am also very happy with the service from Heads Up For Tails! Thank you.

Rajesh Sethuraman (Mumbai, India)
Good quality cat litter

The cat exclusive litter is a very good quality litter that is loved by my cats. Fragrant to remain fresh for almost a month’s use.

M (Bengaluru, India)
Perfect litter for my Fur baby!

From day one she has preferred this litter and she is going to be 2 now. It's like intersand is custom made for her and ain't prefer other ones.

Shailesh Bandodkar (Panjim, India)

Excellent product

IJAZ MS (Alappuzha, India)

Intersand Cat Exclusive - Clumping Cat Litter - 10 kg

Manish Jain (Jaipur, India)
A great cat litter

Intersand Cat Exclusive is the only acceptable to my cat. It clumps remarkably well and is grained finer than most other litters. When I found Intersand Cat Exclusive priced economically at HUFT, I had no second thoughts on buying the litter - and will almost certainly visit HUFT again in future for my cat litter needs.

Dr. Ajit Vells (Chennai, India)
Awesome product.

I have 2 Persian kittens - 3 month old. I was searching for the best & economic litter sand. After a long research i opted for Intersand Cat's exclusive litter. I was told to buy Intersand odour lock but it is quite expensive compared to this. I'll try it soon.
Buy Savic pro micro litter scoop along with this product to make it easier to scoop out.

Pros -
Does it work amazingly by clumping very well. Not that much dust when cat try to dig the sand. Overall amazing product.
Received the product in a good condition.

Cons -
Expensive and we cannot flush it in the toilet. Also if the litter sand scattered on wet floor it will stick to the floor and we need to remove by force cleaning.
Heads up for tails should consider giving discounts on single product purchase.

Tips -
Scoop out the Poops & pees on daily basis so that your cat will be in good Health and also there will no bad odours.
Trim the hair(Sanitary trimming) below butt hole area of the cat so that when your cat do liquid poop the litter sand won't stick to the hairs of the cat. Please don't shave.
It's better to spread a newspaper or cloth below the litter box so that when cat jumps out of the box , sand will stick to the paper or cloth.

Saikkat Dasgupta (Kolkata, India)

Intersand Cat Exclusive - Clumping Cat Litter - 10 kg

Taniya Dsilva (Delhi, India)

Intersand Cat Exclusive - Clumping Cat Litter - 10 kg

Ranjini Bandyopadhyay (Bengaluru, India)

The best

Additional info
  • Product Name: Intersand Cat Exclusive - Clumping Cat Litter - 10 kg
  • Product Type: Cat Litter & Accessories
  • Net Quantity: 1 U
  • Net Weight:10 kg
  • MRP ₹: 1120 (Inclusive of all taxes)
  • Imported & Marketed by: Orange Pet Nutrition Pvt Ltd-Opposite Holy Spirit School Gate No, 47 At Post Datta Nagar, Lonikand ,Pune,412216
  • Country of Origin: Canada

    *The Above Information is for 1 quantity

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