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Petcare Nutri Coat Advance Supplement for Cats and Dogs - 400 gms

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₹ 550.00
₹ 550.00

Petcare Nutricoat Advance Supplement for Cats and Dogs is a concentrated fatty acid supplement. It contains Omega 6 & 3 in a 10:1 ratio and helps keep your dog's coat healthy and lustrous. It is often prescribed for skin related issues like mange, malassezia pachydermatitis, pyoderma, fungal skin diseases, atopy and flea bite dermatitis among others. To be fed as prescribed by a veterinarian.

  • Product type: Supplement
  • Suitable for cats and dogs
  • Can be fed directly or into the food
  • Store in a cool dark place
  • Not for human or medicinal use
  • Feed as prescribed by veterinarian

HUFT Tip: Some dogs have a gluten intolerance than affects their health and the health of their coat. Check with a vet if you suspect that this is the case and switch your dog over to a gluten free diet.