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Petkin Litter Box Wipes - 40 wipes

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₹ 295.00
₹ 295.00

A set of these Petkin litter box wipes makes the chore of cleaning your kitty's litter box. All you have to do is pull out a wipe and wipe clean the box! These wipes have been moistened and have a deodorising baking soda formula to help freshen it up. This formula is safe to be used around pets and aids in leaving behind a fresh scent.

  • Product type: Wet wipes for litter box cleansing
  • Baking soda formula
  • No harsh chemicals used
  • Fresh scent
  • Safe to use around pets

HUFT Tip: Wet wipes are capable of clogging your pipes so it is best to dispose of these in a bin rather than flushing them.