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Petsport Jingle Wand Cat Toy

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₹ 330.00
₹ 330.00

The Petsport Jingle Wand Cat Teaser is bound to keep kitty amused for hours! This toy is designed to incorporate many elements that cats find totally irresistible - sound, movement and a furry creature! It has a sturdy wand that is flexible so it won't break easily. The mouse has stretchy limbs that provide durability and resists rips or tears. The little jingle from the bell is activated when you move the wand about.

Wand cat teaser
A 16-inch wand that is flexible and sturdy
Non-toxic materials
Small bell attached
The stretchy limbs on the furry mouse prevent rips and tears
Please remember to buy size-appropriate toys for your pet
We always recommend supervised play
Please replace in case of rips, tears or other damage

HUFT Tip: Cats find sudden movements totally irresistible as it stimulates their natural hunting instincts. This is often why they chase and capture quick insects and bugs. Toys that stimulate this behaviour will help to keep your cat agile and alert.

Please note: There may be variance in colour. Please allow us to choose for you.