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Royal Canin Ultra Light Adult Cat Food (Available in Multiple Sizes)

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Royal Canin
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Royal Canin Ultra Light cat food is a special formula developed to reduce the calorie intake of cats who have a tendency to put on weight. This wet food diet contains L-carnitine that regulates the usage of body fats.

Wet food for cats
Suitable for cats with a tendency to gain weight
Supports the urinary system
Builds muscle mass
Low in fat 2%
Protein content - 11%
Consult a vet before altering your pet's diet
Always have fresh water available for your pet
Never feed above recommended quantities unless prescribed by a vet

HUFT Tip: Cats who spend a large part of their lives indoors may not get the exercise that they need, this is why their diet needs to be altered. Switch to a low-calorie diet to ensure that the do not put on excess weight.

Feeding Guide:
Feeding requirements will vary based on your pet's level of activity, environment and age.