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Sara's Doggie Treats Breakfast Muesli - Oats,Chicken,Chicken Liver & Carrots - 100 gms

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₹ 315.00

Sara's Treats Breakfast Muesli

 After a long break at night, doggies eagerly look forward to a good breakfast. The Breakfast Muesli offers your pets a nutritious mix of oats, dehydrated chicken, chicken liver and carrots. We use oats so it's suitable to serve gluten intolerant pets. Oats are also rich in vitamins, minerals, and biotin which is great for your dog's coat. Chicken is an easily digested source of protein. This balanced, fiber-rich meal is a great way to start off the day and keeps your pet feeling fuller for longer

  • Product type: Breakfast Muesli for dogs
  • Contains oats, dehydrated chicken, chicken liver and carrots
  • Gluten-free recipe
  • Serving size: Measure 2 tablespoons of muesli for every 10kgs for your dog's body weight

HUFT Tips on plating up a yum doggie breakfast:

  • For a warm porridge: Add the dry muesli mix to hot water and let it cook. Stir continuously until it reaches a porridge-like consistency (a few minutes should do). Let it cool and serve.
  • For Muesli with Yoghurt: Add the required quantity of muesli to your pet's bowl and add yoghurt. Mix and serve.
  • For Muesli with Fruit: The muesli can be eaten dry, just add a few chopped apple pieces (without the seeds) or banana slices on top. Some pets love the crunchy texture!