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Savic Nestor Cat Toilet - Black

The Savic Nestor Cat Toilet is an enclosed litter box designed to give your cat some privacy when nature calls.

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Designed to give your cat his or her privacy, this litter tray comes enclosed. Vents provide ventilation and the front can be opened to facilitate easy cleaning.
Neat and convenient, it is also more aesthetically pleasing as your pet’s litter is out of sight. A tray with a raised back prevents any leaks. It is equipped with a plastic swing door to make it simple for your pet to enter and leave, a carbon filter to absorb unpleasant odours and built in handle so you can move it around.

  • Product type: Litter tray for cats
  • Covered litter tray
  • Offers privacy and keeps litter out of sight
  • Carbon filter absorbs odours
  • Swing door makes it easy for your pet
  • Easily openable front makes cleaning convenient
  • Precaution: some cats do not like enclosed litter tray, may require training

HUFT Tip: If you have more than one cat at home, we suggest that you set out more than one litter tray in different parts of the house.

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