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Tickless Pet Ultrasonic Tick And Flea Repeller

Tickless uses a unique approach to keeping ticks and fleas at bay with ultrasonic pulses. These cannot be heard or felt by humans but disorient insects and parasites around your pet, discouraging them from coming close. These do not contain any chemicals or fragrances.

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Small, convenient and simple to use, all you have to do is fix it on to your pet’s collar. It is effective for between 9 and 12 months after activation. So you can let your pet enjoy the outdoors without worrying about picking up ticks.

✓ Product Type: Tick and flea preventive device
✓ 40KHz ultrasonic waves
✓ Operating range (approx. 1.5 m)
✓ Chemical-free, preventive
✓ Not waterproof, but resistant to moisture
✓ Can be used for young pets, senior pets and even pregnant pets
✓ Suitable for dogs of all sizes
✓ Provides upto 12 months of protection
✓ Available in various colours

Directions for Use: Fix the device on to your pet’s collar with the grid facing out (away from your pet’s body). To activate, just remove the tab. When it comes on, a small red light will flash four times. If you want to confirm that it is working at any time, all you have to do is press the button and make sure that the small red light flashes.

It is a small sized pendant so keep away from children
• Works at normal temperatures
• If device gets wet, dry it immediately to prevent water damage
• Will not remove ticks and fleas that are already on your pet
• Effectiveness depends on the condition of the pet’s coat and number of parasites in the area
• Works better if you take precautions to reduce ticks and fleas in the environment

HUFT Tip: Your pet can pick up ticks and fleas from any outdoor space, on walks, in the park or even from your garden. If not attended to immediately, an infestation can develop. You should prevent this as ticks and fleas can transmit some dangerous diseases to your pet.

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