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Trixie Nappy Puppy Pad - 40x60cm - Pack of 7

The potty training stage for pups can get very messy. Young puppers take a little time to learn the acceptable spots for peeing and until then, everything at home is fair game. To prevent your home from becoming a mess, these Nappy Puppy pads are ideal! They help with quickly training your pup to use one spot for their business.

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Designed with natural cellulose (that is long and fibrous), these puppy pads are extremely absorbent. Available in different sizes, you can also use these in dog beds/baskets for senior pets who suffer from incontinence. The base of these nappy pads are impermeable to moisture (foil base) so the bed underneath is not affected. Additionally, a sealed rim keeps the moisture securely in

✓ 7 pads per pack
✓ Made of long fibrous, natural cellulose
✓ Extremely absorbent
✓ For fast and effective training
✓ Can also be used in dog baskets or beds in case of incontinence
✓ Foil base, impermeable to moisture
✓ Sealed rim prevents moisture from escaping

Size: 40cm x60 cm

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