14 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Your Pets Will Love!

February 14, 2022

When the calendar turns to February, the world around us puts on rose-tinted glasses and love becomes the primary language on everyone’s tongue. Regardless of whether or not you have a special someone in your life, for one of your well-wishers, you are always special - your pets! It stands to reason that your pets must receive a valentine’s day gift as special as they are.

Of course, being regular with their walks, food, pre-ordering their favourite treats on time and cuddling them to sleep already make you an awesome pet parent. But a Valentin’s Day gift gives you a chance to nake it up a notch and be extra just for the sake of love and making memories. 

Here are our 14 picks that are guaranteed to make for a memorable Valentine’s Day gift for both you and your pets! 

1. Give them quality time 

Quality time with dogs

Your pets patiently wait for you every day to log out from your work and give them the attention and love they wait for. We recommend the easiest Valentine’s Day gift for your pet could be for you to make it a practice to always engage with them between work with lots of cuddles, belly rubs and maybe even a quick walk around the neighbourhood. Your ideas for Valentine’s Day gift for your pets doesn’t have to be very grand, but just consistent and meaningful. 

2. Invest in their training

Training is a long-term investment in your pet’s physical and mental well-being as well as their personal development. Not only as a Valentine’s Day gift, but regularly spending a stipulated amount of time training your pets will not only help them learn new life skills, but will also strengthen your bond with them. To make your Valentine’s Day gift even better, carry your pet’s favourite treat during training sessions and we can be sure that it will make for a happy time for both you and your pets. 

[HUFT Tip: Have you decided on a refreshing training session with your pets? Watch these videos by renowned Pet Behaviorist Shirin Merchant on dog training.]

3. Take them on playdates and help them socialise 

Picnic with pets

One of the best Valentine’s Day gift your pet can receive from you is a gift of confidence and personal security. Socialization aims at achieving exactly that by familiarising your pet with their immediate surroundings and instilling confidence in them to cope in newer environments. The best way to create socialization opportunities for your pets is to expose them to the outside world, new gardens, paths and parks and make sure they spend time with fellow dog friendly companions. Remember, patience is the key to socialization.

[HUFT Tip: Remember to introduce your dog to new experiences slowly & steadily. If you find that they are showing stress signs, pause, take a break and come back at a later time.]

[Bonus HUFT Tip: While meeting new dogs, it's important to facilitate long/off leash interactions with a calm dog in a safe environment. Walking together with a new dog is a great way to start off those first interactions - check out the multipurpose long leash that's perfect for these occasions]

4. Gift them a comfy bed

Dog bed

While nothing beats the feeling of sinking in your cosy bed and snuggling with your pets to sleep, they also need their space and comfort zone. A dog bed that can be your pets’ designated resting spot in your room or a dog mat that you can carry around for their comfort everywhere with them makes a great Valentine’s Day gift and also a good investment in their personal comfort. 

[HUFT Trivia: Did you know our HUFT Royal Snooze Bed is ergonomically designed to last your dog 5 years and more?]

5. Let them choose their toys

Dog Toy

What’s a better Valentine’s Day gift for your pets than for them to take a trip all the way to their beloved pet store and paw-pick their favourite toys? That’s right, it’s the season for overabundant expression of love, even if it is in the form of as many toys as your pets can fit in their mouths, Not only does it make a Valentine’s Day gift that’ll make your pets immensely happy, but you get the added benefit of getting that extra mushy love for being the best pet parent for your paw-children. 

[HUFT Tip: Can’t visit your favourite pet store in person? We got you covered! Visit the HUFT website and enjoy a day of online retail therapy with your pets.]

6. Help them stay mentally fit 

Dog Playing with Rope toy

Staying at home with your pets on Valentine’s Day can be equally fun as going outdoors and you can still make sure that your pets get an awesome Valentine’s Day gift. How, you ask? The answer is engaging them mentally and stimulating their senses. You can do that by either building a sniffari trail outside (or even in your house through treats and biscuits) or by engaging them with an interactive toy like a snuffle mat. 

[HUFT Tip: Invest in a range of interactive toys for your pets to make sure their mental exercise and growth are on point.]

7. Go on a drive together

Doggie in car

When wanderlust hits you and your pets this February, turn it into a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift by a drive around the city and exploring your pet’s favourite hangout spot. It’s a versatile Valentine gift idea as you can make sure to have all the quality time with your pets and also experience what your city or neighbourhood has to offer; one more way to strengthen the pet-parent bond. We advise against trying this if your dog has car anxiety.

[HUFT Tip: Now never worry about your dog’s safety in the car and get HUFT’s Car Seat Belt for them to keep them protected throughout the Valentine joyride.]

8. Try a new recipe for them

We can sense you scrolling through social media food pages and already deciding what is going to be your special Valentine’s Day meal. Let us help you cook something equally delicious for your pets as our Valentine’s Day gift to your bond. 

Valentine’s Day Breakfast:

1) Cook HUFT Sara's Doggie Treats Breakfast Muesli to pack instructions

2) Add berries like strawberries, raspberries and other fruits like apples, bananas, melons

3) Add some frozen goat milk or kefir cubes(can be found in most online stores) to the bowl and serve

9. Explore new walking trails

Dog Walking

Adventure always makes for a great Valentine’s Day gift! Take the scenic route during walkies and explore new trails, pathways, roads and even parks and localities. Just make sure your dog is always on a strong leash and harness so that they don’t run off after getting excited during their outdoor sniffaris. Also, practice caution while exploring new localities with your pets as it may have other pets and animals who are very protective of their area and may feel threatened and act with hostility. 

[HUFT Tip: Check out any new trail before you take your dogs - that will give you an idea on whether the trail works for your dog and you, and especially around managing with other animals around.]

10. Treat them to their heart's desire

Yes, without going overboard, you can toss a few large and extra pieces of your pet’s favourite treat to pamper them. You can also make it into a Valentine’s Day gift by adding it to their meal and making it extra tasty for them. 

[HUFT Tip: On the special day of love, your pets deserve special dog treats made and curated with love, get it all here!]

11. Help them look their best

Adorable Dog

Make them look as precious as they are this Valentine’s Day by draping them in beautiful dog dresses, t-shirts, kurtas or shirts. Not all dogs like or are used to any kind of fabric on their body, so we advise removing it or avoiding making them wear it altogether if they feel agitated or hesitant. 

[HUFT Tip: If your dog loves dressing up as much as you do, jump in here and select the best in dog clothing for their next big fashion statement.]

12. Pamper them to a pet spa

Dog grooming

Your pets will thank you for this Valentine’s Day gift! Not only will they get to ride all the way to their favourite pet spa, but a relaxing session of bathing, grooming and massaging will do wonders for their mood. In case you can’t visit a pet spa, fret not! You can always bring the spa home by bathing, grooming and pampering them yourself with a little help of some appropriate pet grooming solutions and finish the day strongly by preparing their favourite meal. 

13. Check up on their physical health

Now, this may sound tricky as we all know that most pets are not very keen on vet visits. However, a gift of health is probably the most useful Valentine’s Day gift your pet can receive. A trusted veterinarian can tell a lot about your pet through their weight, teeth and blood work which you may otherwise miss. If you think this will ruin their mood, on your way home take a detour to your nearest HUFT store and we will ensure they find their wide smile back. 

14. Include them in your daily routine

Dog sitting

Going out jogging? Grocery shopping to your nearest general store? Why leave your pets behind? When pets are included in our daily routine, they get a chance to understand us better and also get to explore and quench their never-ending curiosity. So, if you have totally missed picking up a Valentine’s Day gift for your pet, you know the next best thing you can do to bring them joy. 


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