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The German Shepherd is one of the world’s most instantly recognisable dog breeds. High-energy, intelligent, good-looking and incredibly loyal, German Shepherd dogs (or GSDs) excel at almost anything that they are trained to do.
Originally bred for herding and military assistance, they are now a household favourite and a top choice for K-9 units, search and rescue operations and even films.
A German Shepherd dog is usually well-built with a square head, long muzzle, slightly angled legs, erect ears and long bushy tail. Their coats have a distinct, rich colour such as black, tan, a combination of both or even shades of red.
You might think that German Shepherds usually keep to themselves or take time to befriend strangers, which makes them seem aloof or formidable. But ask any pet parent and they will tell you—once a German Shepherd dog decides to like you, he/she will be your partner for life and you best be prepared for all the goofy antics that follow.
So, whether you have a GSD in your home or are planning to welcome one, here are all the German Shepherd essentials to tick off your checklist.





German Shepherd dogs are not usually voracious eaters but they do enjoy tasty dog treats once in a while. You can opt for a meaty diet which also includes vegetables and nutrients that are formulated to meet their unique nutritional needs.
We recommend puppy varieties from Farmina, Taste of the Wild, Acana and Royal Canin. Soaking kibble in water helps to soften it and makes it easier for pups to eat.
Remember that pups who are younger than three and a half months old should be started off with puppy starter varieties from Royal Canin or Arden Grange.
Adult German Shepherds enjoy options from Royal Canin, Taste of the Wild, Farmina and Acana.
Always remember to feed your German Shepherd puppy or dog the appropriate quantities and choose a dog bowl accordingly, so as not to underfeed or overfeed them. Refer to the food packaging or consult your vet, before introducing any new dog treats or making any dietary changes.

Royal Canin Maxi Breed Starter Puppy Food

Easy to digest, hydrating, international dog food

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Pedigree Chicken & Vegetables Adult Dry Dog Food

High-quality, wholesome, balanced dog food

Availability: 72 in stock

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400 g
1.2 kg
3 kg
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Farmina N&D Low Grain Medium & Maxi Breed Adult Dry Dog Food - Chicken & Pomegranate

Preservative-free, GMO-free, delicious dog food

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12 kg
12+3 kg

Drools Focus Puppy Super Premium Dry Puppy Food

Nutritious & boosts immunity

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4 kg
12 kg (Free 1 kg)

Schesir 67% Chicken Fillets Wet Dog Food - 150 g

Natural, steamed, preservative-free, hand-processed & cruelty-free

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Arden Grange Large Breed Puppy/Junior Food - Fresh Chicken & Rice

Hypoallergenic, preservative-free, international dog food

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Royal Canin Maxi Breed Junior Dry Puppy Food

High-quality, balanced, international dog food

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Pedigree Chicken & Milk Dry Puppy Food

Delicious, balanced, nutritious dog food

Availability: 59 in stock

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400 g
1.2 kg
3 kg
6 kg
10 kg
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Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Canine Formula Grain Free Adult Dry Dog Food - Smoked Salmon

Nutrient-packed, species-specific, egg-free dog food

Availability: 27 in stock

2 kg
5.6 kg
12.2 kg
18 kg

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German Shepherds can grow up to be fairly big dogs, so consider investing in a diner,
to make it easy for them to eat from. Always have fresh water available for them.

HUFT Woof Embossed Bowl for Dogs

Lightweight & easy to handle

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HUFT Cutest Collection Slurp Puppy Bowl - Blue

Stainless steel, anti-skid puppy bowl

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HUFT White Marble Insert Pet Bowl

Lightweight, durable & easy to maintain

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L/800 ml

HUFT White Pattern Slant Insert Bowl For Dogs

Slanted design for dogs with small snouts

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HUFT Blue Dot Embossed Bowl for Dogs

Lightweight & easy to handle

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L/1950 ml

HUFT Cutest Collection Slurp Puppy Bowl - Pink

Stainless steel, anti-skid puppy bowl

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HUFT Dig in Double Dinner Suction Bowl for Dogs

Easy to clean, convenient dog bowl

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Outward Hound (Nina Ottosson) Slow Fun Feeder Slow Dog Bowl - Grey

High-quality, food-safe, anti-slip & dishwasher-safe

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HUFT Bon Appetit Dog Bowl

Anti-skid, stainless steel dog bowl

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HUFT Dot Embossed Black Dog Bowl

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