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Shih Tzus are companion dogs who love to spend a lot of their day shadowing their favourite people around the house. This breed is originally from the Asian subcontinent and ‘Shih Tzu’ translates to ‘little lion.’ We imagine that this refers to their long, mane-like fur coat rather than their temperament.
Given the right care and environment, dogs of this breed have a reputation for being intelligent, lovable lap dogs. They get along well with children as long as children are taught how to handle these, small, delicate doggies.




treat your SHIH TZU

Sara’s Doggie Treats


This breed has a tendency to put on weight so a highly-nutritious, species appropriate diet is important. Treats can help with training but remember not to overdo it. The Sara’s Treats range of natural, dehydrated yums are delicious and nutritious.
starting from ₹ 330*

Happi Doggy Vegetarian Dental Chew


Happi Doggy Vegetarian Dental Chew

Happi Doggy dental chews are useful to have on hand for your pet. The Dogaholic Milky Chew Bones are also favourites among dogs of this toy breed.
starting from ₹ 75*


You can serve your Shih Tzu in our Slant bowls, these make meals easier for dogs with flat snouts to
eat. It’s also a good idea to give their faces a quick wipe after meals to remove any particles of food that get stuck there.

HUFT Endless Joy Melamine Bowl For Dogs & Cats

Lightweight, safe & vibrant

Availability: 12 in stock

S/210 ml
M/400 ml
L/800 ml
XL/1600 ml

HUFT Woof Embossed Bowl for Dogs

Lightweight & easy to handle

Availability: 21 in stock

XS/250 ml
S/450 ml
M/900 ml
L/1600 ml

HUFT Elevated Melamine Cocker Bowls For Dogs - Dark Green

Specially designed for long-eared pets

Availability: 4 in stock


HUFT Bon Appetit Dog Bowl

Anti-skid, stainless steel dog bowl

Availability: 221 in stock

XS/375 ml
S/600 ml
M/625 ml
L/1000 ml
XL/1500 ml
2XL/2250 ml

HUFT Modern Art Melamine Bowls For Dogs & Cats

 Lightweight, safe & vibrant

Availability: 19 in stock

S/210 ml
M/400 ml
L/800 ml
XL/1600 ml

HUFT Dot Embossed Black Dog Bowl

Easy to use, stainless steel dog bowl

Availability: 41 in stock

XS/350 ml
S/500 ml
M/950 ml
L/1900 ml
XL/2700 ml

HUFT Elevated Melamine Cocker Bowls For Dogs - Light Pink

Specially designed for dogs with long ears

Availability: 20 in stock


HUFT Summer Legacy Melamine Bowls For Dogs & Cats

Lightweight, safe & vibrant 

Availability: 17 in stock

S/210 ml
M/400 ml
L/800 ml
XL/1600 ml

HUFT White Pattern Slant Insert Bowl For Dogs

Slanted design for dogs with small snouts

Availability: 20 in stock

M/175 ml
L/430 ml

HUFT Dig in Double Dinner Suction Bowl for Dogs

Easy to clean, convenient dog bowl

Availability: 52 in stock

S/250 ml
M/480 ml
L/850 ml

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Shih Tzus enjoy playing games with their people and this helps strengthen the bond between pet and parent.
They enjoy relaxing with a chew or cuddling with a plush toy in their lounger beds.


Shih Tzus have gorgeous coats that need regular upkeep. Brush it daily to prevent matting and to keep it healthy. The HUFT Bamboo Slicker brush would work well (remember to work in sections and brush away from the skin). The HUFT Double Sided Steel comb will also come in handy.
To deal with tangles, look for a useful spray like the Pet Head BFF Tangling Fix or the Skout’s Honor Probiotic Daily Use Detangler (the Honeysuckle variant is one of our favourites).
Shih Tzus have large eyes and cleaning around the eyes should be part of your grooming routine. Tears could stain the fur on the face so a TropiClean SPA Lavish tear stain remover and facial cleanser helps. Hair from the top of the head has a tendency to fall into the dog’s eyes and it’s recommended that this is kept in a top knot or trimmed. The top knot and furry face needs to be gently brushed out every day.
Regular baths or grooms with a specially formulated product like the Isle of Dogs Silky Coating Shampoo and Conditioner are recommended. Ear cleaning, nail trimming and dental hygiene routines are also essential. To finish off the groom and leave your pet’s coat smelling lovely, the Skout's Honor Daily Use Deodorizer is ideal.

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300 ml
709 ml

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Isle of Dogs Everyday Lush Coating Dog Conditioner - Violet + Sea Mist - 500 ml

Protein-based, moisturising & easy to use

Availability: 179 in stock


Forcans Aloe Rinse Dog Conditioner - 750 ml

For a soft, silky, tangle-free coat

Availability: 63 in stock


Himalaya Erina Plus Coat Dog Cleanser with Conditioner - 200 ml

Prevents matting & tangling, controls dandruff & deep cleansing

Availability: 17 in stock


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472 ml
3.78 ltr

Pet Head Furtastic Cream Rinse Dog Conditioner - 475 ml

For a tangle-free, soft, silky coat

Availability: 202 in stock