7 Reasons Why Cats Sleep So Much

Thu, Feb 17, 22

Cats look adorable when lost in their dreams, oblivious to the world, sleeping for hours on end. But, as a cat parent, it may also concern you, and you may wonder, why do cats sleep so much? And, if they sleep so long, when do they play, join you at your table as you work on your laptop, or follow you around the house, meowing for your attention?

On average, cats sleep around 15 to 20 hours a day. Yes, they do! Their sleep time may vary as per their age. Older cats sleep longer than younger ones. And, although this is their normal behaviour, there are several other reasons why they sleep so long, such as:

Cats Sleeping
  • Genes play a significant role in why cats sleep so much. Cats in the wild are predators by nature. They are nocturnal hunters who hunt during the twilight hours of dawn and dusk. The rest of the time, they snuggle up and sleep to gain all the energy they use up during hunting. And, although your domesticated cats don’t need to go hunt, as they get their favourite food served by their loving parents, they might be ruled by their genetic makeup. 
  • Energy conservation is another reason why cats sleep so much. They enjoy short naps or catnaps lasting up to thirty minutes when they are well aware of their surroundings, the sounds, and the smells. Their ears may twitch at certain sounds, and their tails may move, too. In fact, at such times, they are alert and poised for action, ready to pounce on a stray rat that may dare to enter their domain. Their deep sleep mode lasts just for a few minutes during their catnaps. 
    Cat yawning
  • Cats sleep out of boredom, too, just like us humans. With their parents busy with work, cats may lose the enthusiasm to play by themselves, so they doze off out of sheer boredom. The best way to keep them occupied is by providing them with cat toys to play with. Cats also love to play fetch or chase, just like dogs. Cats enjoy playing hide-n-seek, too. These games keep them happy, active, and healthy. Physical exercise and mental stimulation are perfect for their emotional health and help strengthen the bond you share with them. These games also ensure a good night’s sleep for your feline companion.

    cat sleeping
  • Long sleeping hours coupled with inactivity are a sign of stress. There could be some underlying reasons that may trigger stressful emotions, and your cat may be coping with the stress by sleeping more. Keeping a close eye on your cat will help you discover the reason why they seem lethargic or excessively sleepy. Cats disagree with sudden changes in their surroundings or daily schedule. It makes them anxious or depressed. In such cases, they hide from their family or interact with just one of the family members. Such behaviour, besides excess sleep, is a cause for concern and a reason to consult your veterinarian.
  • Another reason cats sleep more and are less active is when they are sick. An underlying pain might lead your cat to stay in bed longer, as any movement must feel painful. They may also experience pain and discomfort if they are overweight, and therefore tend to sleep more. As excess weight can lead to serious health problems, it is important to consult your veterinarian for a complete health check-up. 

    Sleeping cats
  • Cats also sleep more because of a change in the weather. Winters and rainy seasons can significantly affect cats the same way they affect us. Just like us, cats, too, prefer snuggling in their beds and sleeping for longer hours when it's cold. 
  • And finally, cats sleep so much because they require adequate sleep to stay in good health. They prioritise rest, unlike us humans, and therefore they sleep when they feel the need to do so. 

Cat Sleeping

To conclude, cats sleep for more than 15 hours every day; they require the rest to conserve their energy. Domesticated cats aren’t hunters; they merely retain their ancestral instincts. But if you notice your cat sleeping longer than usual, it is essential to observe them for any underlying reasons. If there is a health issue, consult a veterinarian immediately for a complete health check-up. And if your cat seems depressed or anxious because of any changes in their routine, then do spend quality time with them through games or toys of their liking. It will bring back their cheerfulness, and they will switch back to their regular sleeping pattern.

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