5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt An Indie Dog

Mon, Mar 14, 22

Did you know that in India 62 million dogs are in shelters without a home or family of their own? Prejudices against Indie dogs not only rob them of a loving home they deserve but also feed a cruel breeding industry that is as unethical as it is illegal. 

Now, there may be subjective reasons as to why Indie dogs often don’t get the love and appreciation they deserve, but the ones who have adopted Indies will tell you that they feel loved, fulfilled and happy with their desi kids as any other devoted pet parent. 

If you are looking to adopt your first, second or nth dog and can’t bring yourself around to the idea of bringing an Indie dog home, let us tell you 5 reasons why they make great pets and are deserving of your home.

Great Companions

Love knows no breed! Indie dogs can be just as loving and delightful as any other dog breed out there. Every pet that you bring home will require effort from your end to adjust to your lifestyle and the new surroundings and with a human willing to put in extra work and adequate support, Indie dogs can be your best friend for life.

Protective & Loyal 

Indie dogs are very protective of their pack and families. Not only do Indie dogs make great companion pets, but their ability to sense danger and their fierce protective instincts also make them very good at guarding their homes. Because of their guarding traits and agile structure, Indie dogs have also been known to assist a few special task forces of the Indian police.

Resilient & Adaptable

Indie dogs’ tough physical attributes are a result of natural selection. This not only makes them resilient but also less prone to health conditions as compared to other pedigree dogs. Since they are also native to the Indian climate, most Indie dogs possess a short coat that makes grooming very easy as well. With an appropriate diet, regular vaccinations and adequate exercise, your decision of adopting an indie dog can be a blessing for both you and your canine companion. 

HUFT Tip: Although Indie dogs’ sturdy build ensures that they are low maintenance, it’s always good to book regular checkups with your vet to understand their health history or special needs if any. 

Highly Communicative 

Indie dogs are naturally intelligent and very communicative. Once they are properly socialised, they can get along well with other dogs as well. Their expressive nature makes sure that you can never have a dull moment with them. Just like with every other dog, Indie dogs have training requirements too, which can be an important factor in making them adjust in your home. Indie dogs’ communicative nature ensures that they can be easily trained and their training progress can also be watched through changes in the way they communicate and express themselves.

Promote Kindness 

Breed prejudice is a real thing. The victim of this is both Indie dogs & pedigree dogs who either face cruelty on the streets or unethical breeding practices. India is home to around 80 million homeless cats and dogs. Out of these, 9.1 million are stray cats, 62 million are stray dogs and around 8.8 million are in shelters. Your decision to adopt an indie dog and not shop will not only earn you a loving companion, but it will be a blessing for overcrowded shelters and a step towards positive change in the world of pet parenting. 

HUFT Tip: Yes, kindness matters! Watch this video to see how your small acts of kindness can build a compassionate world. 

Adopting an Indie dog or adopting a street dog in the larger scheme of things add value to more than just your life. Your decision to adopt always makes a difference.


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