Keeping Puppy Monsters Busy (and out of Trouble)

December 11, 2020

Ever heard of the saying ‘silence is suspicious if you have a puppy’? Trust us, you shouldn’t underestimate what that adorable face capable of. If you don’t channel their energy into safe play, they will entertain themselves in ways that you won’t approve of! If you’re thinking of chewed up furniture, upturned flowerpots and ruined shoes, you’re on the right track.

The best way to keep your puppy out of trouble is to keep them busy. Also, playing with them, getting them used to grooming and so on also helps you create a bond with your pet. This is an important part of any pet and parent relationship. Here are a few ideas on entertaining your pup:

Interactive and puzzle toys:

Adult dogs and pups alike love puzzles and brainteasers. Puzzle toys and treat dispensing toys put their powerful noses to work. The mental work out of sniffing for their treats keeps them engrossed in the game and also leaves them quite tired. These qualities make interactive toys the best puppy toys!

Puppy-friendly chews and puppy teething toys:

Pups love to chew and it is especially satisfying for them during their teething phase. Get them some puppy-friendly chews and plenty of safe, non-toxic puppy chew toys to help with this. If you want to keep your pet occupied while you finish up work or catch up on chores, these puppy toys are ideal. Your pet will entertain himself and all you have to do is supervise to ensure the toy doesn’t break off into pieces.

Walks and outdoor stimulation:

Until your pup is fully vaccinated, it’s best not to let them socialise with other dogs or take them out on walks. A pup’s immune system is not fully developed and they can easily catch diseases or illnesses. Once they’re protected with the appropriate vaccinations, taking them on short walks lets them use all their senses and make themselves familiar with the sights and sounds of your neighbourhood.

If your pup is too young to be taken on walks, then spend some time with them in a safe garden or balcony. Stay watchful so they don’t greedily eat anything they find in the mud. In the right weather, it can be very pleasant for them (and you) to listen to the birds, watch for squirrels or people as they go by. This kind of stimulation will keep them mentally alert and they will enjoy it better than being cooped up inside all day.

Pre-grooming routines:

Before they’re old enough to get a proper groom, you can start getting them used to having their paws, face, tail and body handled. If you get them used to it when they’re younger, their grooming routines later on will go much smoother. Sit down to do this when your pup is calm (maybe after they’ve spent most of their energy on a game). Gently massage your pet’s ears, face and body for a few minutes every day. Check his ears for wax and eyes for discharge. If your pet is pulling away from you, this means you need to be gentler.  


Short training sessions are also great for pups. Use training treats (be careful not to overfeed) to teach them simple commands with positive reinforcement. Make sure to do this when your pup is relatively calm and keep the sessions short. This is another way to build a strong bond with your pet.


When they’re awake, pups can be a handful and they love to play so do look for good puppy toys online to keep them busy! These simple activities really help to expend their energy.  At this stage, you do need to put in a few more hours to meet your pup’s needs, but when you get this right, you’ll see that you have an amazing, unshakable bond with your dog.

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