Puppy Proofing 101

February 18, 2021

Pups have no idea that wires are dangerous to chew or that the dustbin may have things that could make them sick. They also don’t know how stairs work and need to be taught how to climb down. Until they learn how to navigate the world of your home, consider puppy proofing to keep them safe. Here are a few basic things you could do:

Be Wary of Puppy Teeth: Yes, the rumors are true, they will chew on anything they can. From slippers and shoes to books, wires, plastic baskets. Anything that they can get their little puppy teeth on! Keep these and other objects that may be dangerous or valuable out of reach.  Give them plenty of puppy chew toys to satiate their chewing urges and every time they try to chew on something they shouldn’t, distract them with a chew toy.

They’re explorers: Pups are super curious about the world and will be exploring every inch of your space fearlessly. So be careful of balconies, put in an additional wire mesh along the bottom if necessary. Adding a pet gate or Dog Barrier at the door of the kitchen, the bathroom or front door will help keep your pet from harm.

Send Mats and Rugs into Hibernation: Remember that puppies don’t come potty trained and might wee on the rug. Once that happens, the lingering smell will attract them to go to the same spot repeatedly. Save your mats and rugs and put them away until puppy is potty trained. Additionally you can shop for Puppy Training Products.

Watch out for Hazards: Our homes have several collectibles and decorative items that your puppy can chew on and maybe even swallow bits off. This could be very dangerous for them. Pick these off any spaces that your puppy could reach and put away. This also applies to any medicines, cleaning supplies and some human foods that are toxic to dogs.

This is a general guide for new pet parents so you need take into account specific changes depending on your individual homes. Take a common sense view of what may be dangerous for your pup and keep them away for your pup’s safety. Another option could be to restrict your pet’s space until he or she has grown up and is potty trained. Use a large room that you spend a lot of your time in and puppy proof that one.

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