Score Brownie Points With Your Dog With These Rope Toys

July 02, 2021

As pet parents, we all do our best to make our pets’ lives as healthy and happy as possible. Taking on the responsibility of putting them on the right diet, ensuring they get enough exercise, keeping up with grooming needs and so on, while also juggling your own schedules can be dizzyingly busy. As we chase our ‘to-do’ lists, we often forget to do the one thing that our dogs want the most–spending time with them!

When was the last time you put your phone aside, pressed pause on all the deadlines chasing one another in your mind and just enjoyed a good, old-fashioned game with your dog? Dogs love spending time with their people and it’s key to creating a strong bond with them. 

A classic dog toy is the rope toy. As you’ve probably guessed, these are made with rope–some could be cotton rope while others are soft, jersey material. Many dog rope toys now have additional features like a ball fixed on to the rope and rope toys for puppy have teething rings attached!

Why do dogs like rope toys?

Puppy playing rope

Despite years of domestication, some innate instincts from your dog’s wolfie past are still in play. For example, if they see an animal run, they chase (as they would prey). For the same reason, squeaky toys will have your pet’s full attention at even the hint of a squeak. 

When it comes to tug-of-war with rope toys, there are a couple of theories on why dogs like it. One says that wolves and wild dogs would also prey on small animals that hid in burrows. Getting their prey out of these spots would need skills that are similar to pulling and tugging. 

Some behaviourists also believe that playing tug with a rope toy is rooted in collaborative play and is a way of building trust between members of a pack. Playing tug for fun (without getting competitive or aggressive) is a great way to bond with your dog. 

What else do dogs do with these toys?

Dog holding Rope toy

Besides playing tug or fetch, some dogs enjoy just chewing and gnawing at the rope toys. They often try to undo the knots on the toys. As they gnaw and tug at the toy with their teeth, the strands of rope scrape off plaque from their canines. This helps to make their teeth a little bit cleaner and improve their dental hygiene

Explore rope toys for your dog

At Heads Up For Tails, we’re always trying to bring you a wide variety of toys, so you can always find something that your pet enjoys! Here are a few fun options from our current collection:

  1. Happy Halo rope toy: One of our best rope toys for puppies, this one is a great option for puppy teeth that are constantly looking for something to chew on! It’s made with soft cotton rope that’s gentle on their gums. The rubber ball adds to the fun! 
  2. Cloud rope toy: This rope toy is made with recycled cotton and has a plush toy attachment in case your pet wants a cuddle!
  3. Plenty to Chew rope toy: This one packs in plenty of fun with knots of varied sizes and multiple ‘arms.’ It’s great for a friendly game of tug or a quiet gnaw session in the afternoon!  

Key points to remember when buying rope toys for dogs

Human Dog Bonding

  • Always remember to buy the right size for your dog. If the toy is too big for your small dog, he or she will find it difficult to play with it the way it’s meant to be used. Small-sized toys for large breeds will not pose much of a challenge and may even become choking hazards.
  • Similarly, choose tougher dog rope toys for aggressive chewers.
  • Check the fabric being used to see which one your pet may prefer.
  • If you have more than one dog and they are comfortable playing with one another, consider those models that are designed for multi-play. If your dogs don’t get along but get quite possessive of their toys, get them one each. 
  • Rope toys for a puppy could have specific accessories attached like a teething ring. 

Besides making a lot of fun possible, rope toys are incredibly easy to keep clean. All you have to do is give them a wash every now and then. Do take a little time out of everyday just to play with your pet. It makes for a lovely break even on a busy day and is relaxing for both of you. 

Toys for dogs are widely varied and go beyond just rope toys - from plush toys, to chew toys, interactive toys, toys that squeak and so on. Every dog is different, so they each have their own favourite toys and games. If you haven’t figured out what your dog likes yet, keep an assortment of toys in the toy box and try out each one in turn.


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