Learn about Training Adult Dogs with Shirin Merchant

Wed, Jan 05, 22

If you have a senior dog and are wondering ‘is it possible to train an older dog?’ then the answer is yes, you can! 

With 26 years of experience in dog training and canine behaviour, Shirin Merchant is here to talk about training adult dogs

Watch Now: Is Training Adult Dogs Possible?

To summarise, here are the things to learn about training adult dogs

  1. Training adult dogs is possible and there have been multiple instances where adult dogs have proven all the myths wrong. 

  2. Adult dog obedience training requires using fun, positive and extremely interactive methods. Your adult dog will surely resist learning something new if it is not interesting enough for them. 

  3. Training adult dogs requires patience. So pick a time and day when YOU feel ready to devote the most time and energy in helping your dog.

  4. Just like humans, each dog is different and so are their learning styles. Learn from the things that work and don't work. Keep changing your methods if your dog seems to be disinterested. 

  5. All dogs are extremely smart and curious beings. They have clever minds they love to use. By teaching them new cues, we help provide mental stimulation to their brain. A little play also helps them stay on their paws and be active.

  6. Lastly, do not give up on your adult dog! It might be tough for your dog to understand the sessions at the very start, but with a little practice and a lot of love, they will get there! 


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