Importance of Training Your Dog With Shirin Merchant

December 22, 2021

As a pet parent, it can be confusing to understand why training dogs is important. Here’s what our expert Shirin Merchant has to say: “We teach our own children good manners and the right to behave in public. Why don’t we do the same for our dogs?” 

With 26 years of experience in dog training and canine behaviour, Shirin Merchant talks about the importance of training your dog with positive reinforcement and four reasons why we should start today!

1. For their safety & freedom

very important pet dog

As dog parents, each of us wish to give our dogs an opportunity to live their best lives. When we help them learn a few cues, we expose them to a world they can safely explore. A simple ‘come when call’ cue can help you allow your dog to roam the park free, without the worry of them running away. A ‘sit’ command can help them wait patiently for their food or stay calm when new guests arrive. There are so many different situations where such cues can help your dog live a happier and easier life!

2Helps enrich their minds

Dog Training with treats

Dogs are intelligent beings who enjoy exploring the world! They have clever little minds which they want to use. Each time we teach our dog something new and fun, we help provide mental stimulation that sharpens their social and cognitive thinking.

3. Assists with Socialisation

dog socialization

Dogs as social animals have an innate need to be around people. When an untrained dog barks inappropriately, jumps on others or runs after children in a park, it can be an uncomfortable conflict to resolve. Simple cues such as ‘no’ or ‘stay’ can come handy in such situations. 

Teaching your dog to be comfortable around other humans can also help them be less anxious and wary when they’re brought to a new environment, making all outings and gatherings a fun and stress free experience. You can go on a vacation knowing your dog is happy at your friend’s or at a boarding, finish buying groceries while your dog’s having their spa appointments or have them be less anxious when visiting the vet!

4. Strengthens bonds between humans and dogs

bonds between humans and dogs

Dog training is a language through which we express ourselves to our dogs. A part of the positive reinforcement training is the praise we give them when they follow our cues. By showering our dog with love and encouraging words, we express how much they mean to us. Learning something new each day can also motivate your dog to be active and on their paws!

“What if I’m not comfortable with advanced training?”

If you do not wish to give your dog advanced training, you can teach them these three basic cues:

  1. The ‘Come’ command: To come back when called 
  2. The ‘No’ command: To stop what they’re doing 
  3. The Control commands: To sit, go down or stay 

A combination of these three cues can be used in any setting to make your dog a well behaved and happy pet!

To conclude

Dog training can be a chance to bond, connect and learn with your dog in the most fun way possible. When you teach your dog the basic training cues, you open up a world of possibilities and adventures for them. 



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