Pet Care for the Monsoon

August 02, 2021

After the hot, sweltering days of summer the monsoons bring a refreshing change. Light drizzles in the morning and rains on and off through the day keep the weather cool. Plants thrive and it’s beautifully green everywhere. Our dogs love all the new smells that the rains bring and may want to take more time on their walks to sniff them properly. And on those cold, rainy evenings, is there anything better than enjoying a cuddle with your dogs under a warm blanket?

As seasons change, we alter our lifestyles to suit the new conditions and pet care in rainy season is no different. Depending on your dog’s lifestyle, age and specific needs, dog care in rainy season will look different in every household. Here are some general factors on how to take care of dogs in rainy season that you should consider.

Meals in the monsoon

Dog meal in monsoon

Tummy upsets are common in this weather so pet food for monsoon should be light and nutritious. The cold may discourage your pets from visiting their water bowls as often, so make sure they are well hydrated. Avoid tap water to reduce the risk of water-borne disease. Keep their bowls washed and clean to prevent infections. Don’t forget to keep up with your pet’s deworming schedule. You can consult a canine nutritionist for a good diet and supplements that should be added to dog food for monsoon.

Puppies tend to put everything in their mouths and one should be especially watchful of them during the monsoon. Cold, rainy days are also harder on senior pets than others so they may appreciate warm meals. Make sure their diet is balanced and has sufficient fibre to keep their tummies happy.

Walking your dog in the rainy season

Dog in orange rain coat

The best monsoon pet care tips we can give you are related to their walk schedules. Your pet’s regular walk schedule is quite likely to be disrupted by the rains. This will probably affect your own schedule and cause quite a few hiccups through the week. The best way to deal with it is to be prepared. Typically, the heavy rains and thunderstorms arrive in the late afternoon or evening. So, plan around them. However it’s not unusual for light drizzles to occur during other parts of the day as well.

  • Invest in a comfortable, dog raincoat so even if you’re caught in unexpected showers while on your walk, your dog’s coat is protected. Remember to ensure that your pet’s harnesses and leashes are dry before you put them on.
  • Since it’s often darker much earlier in the rainy season, consider using harnesses and leashes that have a reflective element in them for increased safety.
  • You could set up a pee pad indoors, so your pet isn’t forced to wait for too long between bathroom breaks.
  • When you do manage to go for a drizzle-free walk, don’t hurry through it. Take a leisurely walk as far as you and your pet are able to. This way, your pet is satisfied that at least one of his or her walks was lovely.
  • Skin issues are common in this season due to the general dampness. So it’s very important to keep your pet’s coat healthy and dry. Keeping a microfibre towel by the door so you can towel dry the coat well post-walk is a good idea.
  • Ticks and fleas don’t take any time off even in the rainy season, so your pet care in monsoon should definitely include pesky bug management. Steer your pet gently away from wet leaf piles, dense vegetation or grassy areas on their walks. These are places where ticks lie in wait.
  • It makes sense to spray the Tick & Flea Repellent on your pet before you set out on walks to further discourage these pests from climbing on. Always do a tick check when you return home.
  • Use HUFT paw balm and snout butter for crusty noses and cracked paws. Our paw balm contains bug repelling essential oils to further deter ticks and fleas.
  • Puddles of rainwater that collect along the street can contain things like rat urine so it’s best to avoid stepping in them. When dogs lick their paws after stepping in nasties, they risk diseases like leptospirosis. You can invest in waterproof dog shoes to keep their paws protected.

We find that keeping a ‘post-walk clean-up’ kit by the door is very useful for dog care in monsoon. This way, you can clean your pet up quite easily before letting him or her run through the house! Our post-walk clean up kit consists of:

Fun and games in the rainy season

Pug playing with toys

Your favourite hiking spot or dog park is likely to be rained out for most of the season. So, you’ll have to figure out ways to keep your pet entertained indoors. This is where mental stimulation dog toys and activities come to the rescue. Keeping your pet engaged is an essential pet care requirement. Dogs who are often labelled ‘destructive’ are just bored.

Snuffle mats, Nina Ottosson’s puzzles and KONG interactive toys are all excellent ways to encourage your pet to use their minds and noses. Mental stimulation is very effective in channelling your pet’s energy in a healthy, calming way. Monsoon essentials for dogs definitely include a host of indoor toys.

You don’t always need toys for this, you can also create games like ‘treasure hunt’ by hiding treats around a room. ‘Hide and seek’ is another fun way to keep your pet engaged. Playing games with your dogs is one of the best ways to build a strong bond with them.

Chew toys (check the Twistee collection) or chews like the Yakies are a great way to keep your pet occupied. Chewing comes naturally to dogs and it helps them unwind and calm down as well.

Pet parents note: Avoid playing running games in rooms where the floors are slippery and smooth. Since a dog’s paws can’t grip these floors, they often slide along and it can result in serious injuries. Reserve games like fetch or other running games for garden spaces.

Pet monsoon guide for grooming

Dog grooming

With cloudy, overcast days being more common in this season, you probably won’t have a lot of opportunities to give your pet a bath at home. It’s key to ensure your pet’s coat is thoroughly dry after a bath to prevent skin issues. With this in mind, it’s worth making an appointment at your nearest HUFT spa for a groom. Our professional drying appliances will make sure the coat is well-dried. To keep the coat fresh between baths, consider the Isle of Dogs Replascent Spray.

Basic grooming routines that include brushing, ear cleaning, eye cleaning and so on should continue as usual. Don’t forget your pet’s teeth. Check with a vet on how you can clean their teeth to avoid dental disease. Chews like the Happi Doggy treats are good dental health aids to have on hand.

Keeping your pet warm

white Dog wrapped in blanket

Floors can get very cold in the monsoon and windows let in icy draughts. Young pups and senior dogs are especially affected by this. Set out pet mats so your dog doesn’t have to sleep on the cold floor. Position beds away from the path of cold draughts from the window. And add a blanket to their beds so they can get cosy. If your dog suffers from arthritis or joint aches, consider an orthopaedic bed for him or her. The aches can get worse in cold weather. Short snouted dogs are also affected by drops in temperature, especially seniors. Consult a vet to understand what you can do to make them more comfortable.

puppy and dog in bed

A note on thunderstorms

Black dog

Many dogs are frightened of thunderstorms. The loud cracks of thunder booming all around them make some dogs very anxious. They may start shivering and become very restless. Keep your windows shut to minimise the sound as much as possible. You could try to engage them in a puzzle to keep them distracted. When dogs are frightened and panic, they often don’t know what they’re doing. They run helter-skelter. It’s not uncommon for them to run out of the gate or jump over walls and lose their way. In their frightened state, they’re just trying to get away from the noise. So, it’s of the utmost importance to keep them in a safe, secure space. Always have a name tag on your pet with your contact details so even if they do run off, your chances of reuniting with them are better. Try to be at home when there’s a thunderstorm warning, so your pet isn’t alone. 

Spare a thought for community animals

Sara & Rashi

As we do our best to make the lives of our pets safe and happy, spare a thought for the dogs and cats without a roof over their heads. Something as simple as letting them shelter in your compound when it rains can help them stay dry through the monsoon. Putting out a fresh bowl of clean water reduces the risk of contracting diseases like leptospirosis which they may pick up otherwise from drinking water from puddles. Food is harder to find when it’s raining all day and offering them even one nutritious meal a day will help them sleep without a rumbling, hungry tummy.

We hope you found these monsoon hacks for pet parents useful and that you are able to enjoy the best aspects of this season! 



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