Grain Free Dog Food: What's All The Fuss About

Fri, Oct 30, 20

Almost every recipe of dog food features a grain as one of its main ingredients. Common grains included in pet food are wheat, barley, and rye. These grains have an element called ‘gluten’ which is what makes dough elastic. Unfortunately, some dogs (and a lot of people too!) are gluten intolerant. This condition is commonly called Celiac Disease.

Signs if your dog is gluten intolerant

A good coat begins with the right diet so if your pet has a food-related allergy, one of your first signs will be in his or her coat. Common signs of a food-related allergy are itchiness, loss of fur and bald patches. Red or inflamed patches of skin and hot spots can also develop. Your pet will probably have chronic upset tummies, loose poos and will be losing weight.

What to do next?

If you suspect that your pet has a gluten allergy, take him or her to the vet right away. Based on a vet’s advice, you can then begin altering your dog’s meals to exclude gluten (or all grains) from their diet. Eliminating the allergen generally solves the problem. Your pet will be able to digest his food properly, start gaining weight, developing well and have more energy to do the usual things a doggy does!

Should all dogs be on a grain-free diet?

All dogs do not exhibit intolerance to gluten or to grain. But all dogs are direct descendants of wolves. And many pet parents believe that a dog’s diet should be in line with their wild counterparts because of their biological similarities. Grains are not part of a dog’s or a wolf’s natural diet and biologically, they don’t have a need for grains. This is why many pet parents opt for grain-free dog food. An allergy to gluten can happen to any dog, at any age or of any breed. Thankfully, the dog food market now has a wide range of options you can choose from to keep your pet healthy minus the grains.

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