Grain Free Dog Food


Grain-Free Dog Food: Protein-Rich, Healthy Choice

We make it a point to have a variety of dog foods on hand. This includes grain-free dog food options for those furries who have allergies and sensitivity to gluten. You can choose from amongst the best grain-free dog food options to see what works best for your pet.

Doggies with gluten allergies, often do not put on weight, have trouble properly digesting their food and absorbing nutrition on a long term basis. Once a vet can definitively diagnose this, it is generally recommended that you remove gluten from your pet’s diet. This includes treats as well. Look for natural, grain-free treats.

Orijen provides biologically appropriate dietary options with high protein content. N & D provides more varied options substituting grains with other ingredients to give your pet balanced meals. Acana is another popular high-protein food option for dogs.

If you are looking for wet food, Little Big Paw has a delicious range of wet food meals packed neatly in trays. These meals are quite popular among our canine customers.

Difference between Grain-free and Gluten-free food

Gluten is a component in certain types of grains, like in wheat, for example. So if a pack says that it is gluten-free, it will not contain grains that have gluten. However, it could contain other grains. But if a pack says that it is grain-free then, naturally, it is devoid of all types of grains as well as gluten.

With all dogs, it is a good idea to keep an eye on meal sizes and nutrients. At every life stage, your dog’s dietary needs are different and it is important to reassess their diets as they grow older.