6 Life Lessons by Sara That I Keep Close to My Heart

September 05, 2021

My life changed for the better when years ago, Sara walked into my life. She was nothing less than a fur ball of love, cuteness and naughtiness. She soon became the brightest star of my sky, but she was so much more than that. The fun, the playfulness aside, Sara has been the biggest guiding light in my life. My companion, my best friend, my absolute best teacher.

Now that I look back, I can see how much she taught me, without even saying a word. Every life lesson from my dog has grown me as a person, personally and professionally. After keeping these secrets in my life every step of the way, I am so happy to share them with you.

1. Love over Judgement:

In a pet’s world, there is no room for judgement. Sara reminded me everyday to be myself, because she accepted me just the way I was. She just stood by me with all the love in her eyes - whether I was happy, sad, anxious or excited, her love for me never changed. By this, what dogs teach us is not to judge anyone for any particular reason. 

2. Compassion is Cool:

Whenever I came home after a long day at work, Sara was right there to comfort me with her sloppy kisses, and wagging tail. Any bad day would become better because she had kindness in everything she did for me. There is a very big life lesson learned from dogs for humans here - to always be kind, understand and be ready to take care of others in need.

3. Live in the Present:

Sara lived her life to the fullest, every moment of the day! Whether it was to play ball, eat or sleep, she made every second count. Life has so much to offer to us, and we, as living beings, can do justice to it by savouring every passing moment and living it wholeheartedly. I have embraced life with all the joy in my heart, for sure. What’s life, without a little play!

4. Always be who you are:

sara rashi

Silly, happy, playful or sad- one thing that Sara never failed was to be unapologetically herself. She stayed true to herself in all situations and never tried to be someone she is not. And just like that, she taught me to embrace my true authentic self, always. 

5. If you love them, show them:

Sara definitely made me the centre of her universe, by giving me the warmest welcomes every time I returned home. She would jump around with joy and wag her tail happily only by seeing me after a short period of time. She taught me to never hold back in showing my love for my family, my friends and my loved ones.If you love someone, dogs teach us to put down your armour and show them how special they are to you.

sara and rashi

6Learn to Forgive:

Everything I know about forgiveness, I learned from Sara. She would forgive, almost instantly. For the times when I came home late, or was not able to play with her, she never got upset. Instead, she forgave and forgot about it. That was my lesson from her- forgiveness is the best gift you can give to yourself.

The list of life lessons is long, but I am so happy to have shared a few with you. Pets come into our lives, and with the lessons that dogs teach us, make us a better person.

If you have any such stories of your dogs, I would love to hear them. Do write to me at rashi@headsupfortails.com

If you enjoyed reading the blog, you can check out this video on our YouTube channel where Rashi talks about her baby girl Sara, and the lessons that came along their journey together.


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