How To Train A Dog

October 14, 2021

As pet parents, training and socialisation will be some of the key steps that you can take towards your dog’s happiness. One must understand that training is more than behaviour and socialisation is more than a ‘friendly dog’. When done right, training and socialisation can ensure overall mental and emotional wellness for your canine friend. 

To train dogs and socialise them takes time, finances, physical & mental labour and a lot of patience. Since training and socialising dogs is a lifelong process of growth and development, your involvement and resources will be required multiple times for the betterment of your furry companion’s life.

What is dog training and socialisation?

Dog training is more than just figuring out how to get a puppy to stop biting or how to stop your dog from barking. Training goes beyond the idea of an obedient pet and helps make them confident in themselves. It also provides them with good psychological growth and overall deepens the pet-parent bond. 

Training and socialisation involve making your dog familiar and comfortable with its immediate surroundings and situations. Both these activities aim to make sure that whether it’s a new place or person, your dog can remain to be their happy and confident self without any discomfort. 

Socialisation and training might sound similar (in theory) but are actually very different in terms of how they work. Socialisation is exposing your dog to the outside world for them to learn how to react to it in a healthy way. While training involves teaching your dog a particular set of skills.

Simply making a dog obedient is not training

Training and socialisation tips for pet parents:

Find the right expert

Finding the right expert that can operate with pace and patience best suited for your dog is a key step. Training and socialisation is as much a scientific method as it’s an art. Someone professionally qualified in this will not only understand the needs of your dog but also use the best force-free method that your canine friend can easily catch up to. 

Practice, practice, practice 

It’s important that you involve yourself in your dog’s training process. This will not only help you understand your dog better but also help in building trust. Training and socialisation are learned skills and when a pet parent goes the extra mile and practises the recommended exercises during walks and playtime, it helps the dog absorb and learn the techniques better.

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Dog training

Use positive reinforcement and affirmation

Rewarding your dogs with positive motivation after each training and socialisation session can immensely boost their confidence and happiness. Positive reinforcement can look like your dog’s favourite treats or dog biscuits and also the emotional warmth they receive from you.

From getting involved with them post a good training session with an interactive toy to bathing your dogs with an appropriate dog shampoo it all contributes towards building a strong and resilient pet-parent bond.

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Age is no bar

Training and socialisation are not limited to just small pups. When it comes to working towards making your dog more confident and happy, age is no bar. Puppy training and puppy socialisation can be different to that of adults or senior dogs. However, the positive impact of it remains the same. An adult or senior dog owing to their life experience can take different amounts of time to respond to expert help. But it ultimately aims at making them comfortable, happy and satisfied with themselves at all stages of their lives.

White dog running in park

More exposure and more exploring

Activities like going on walks, hiking with your dog or introducing them to other friendly dogs in your area is a great way for them to explore their personality. These not only give your dog a chance to unwind but also provide you with insight into the personality, temperament and even emotional needs of your canine friend.




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