Top 12 wet food for dogs in Summer

July 28, 2021

As we all update our routine to adjust to the blazing heat of India, there’s also an urgent need to update the summer diet for dogs as well. Our pup’s tails start to wag as soon as they sniff wet food on their lunch menu and at some point we all have wonderedwhy? Well, the answer is simplewet dog food offers a much higher moisture content than dry dog food, thus helping your dog stay hydrated when it gets too hot. The wet food gravy has high protein content, vitamins and minerals, is easier to chew and digest while also satisfying your dog’s hunger with it’s high satiety value. And last but not the least, if our dogs could speak, they would all agree that it’s simply delicious!

Keeping all these benefits in mind, we recommend wet food as the best dog food for summer to keep your dog hydrated. So for all Indian dog parents who are confused where to start this summer, here’s a list of top 12 wet food for dogs in summer:


#1 Pedigree Chicken & Liver Chunks in Gravy Adult Wet Dog Food


Price: ₹31.50

Weight (in grams): 70 g

Type: Complementary Wet Food

All dog parents are in search of the perfect feel-good food that understands their dog’s needs, hydrates and leaves the bowls squeaky clean, all at the same time! 

Luckily for you, this list has what you need. Developed after research done by experts from Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, this Pedigree wet dog food is the perfect food for all adult dogs, especially the fussy eaters who instantly salvate over it’s chicken and liver flavour.

Its easy-to-digest recipe is made with moist chicken chunks gently cooked in healthy gravy that helps retain the vitamins while the protein content helps build strong muscles and immunity. Calcium and phosphorous together help develop strong teeth and bones.  

Remember to mix it up with your dog’s dry food or even their favourite home-cooked meal with fresh water for drinking to serve your dog the most ideal pet food for summer.

#2 Kennel Kitchen Chicken Chunks in Gravy Wet Dog Food

Price: ₹35.00

Weight (in grams): 70 g

Type: Complementary Wet Food

If you’re looking for natural supplementary wet food, Kennel Kitchen’s Chicken Chunks in Gravy wet dog food is the perfect pairing to your dog’s regular summer diet. Made in India, this product uses only fresh and regional sourced ingredients, with chicken being the superhero, to help with your dog’s holistic development.

The protein from the chicken helps with muscle growth, vitamins build strong immunity and Omega 3 and six fatty acids are the secret for healthy joints. The calcium helps with strong bones and teeth while the dietary fibres are great for a healthy digestion. It’s also corn and soy (grain) free without any artificial preservatives, flavours or colours making it an amazing choice for your dog!

Wondering what’s the fuss about going grain-free? 

Check out our HUFT blog on Grain Free Dog Food

#3 JerHigh Chicken & Liver in Gravy Wet Dog Food

Good meals don’t have to be complicated. They can have the most common ingredients and still be delicious. Dogs love routine and would definitely give you a paw-approval for this wet dog food. 

When it comes to adding premium quality wet food to the summer diet for dogs, JerHigh’s Chicken and Liver in Gravy is a great choice. Made with real chicken and liver, it has 78% high moisture content, and packed with Vitamin E to help your dog have the most healthy, silky soft skin and fur!

HUFT TIP: For accurate feeding quantities, take into account your pet's breed, age and level of activity. Remember to consult your vet before making any changes to your pet’s diet.

#4 Royal Canin Maxi Adult Wet Dog Food


Price: ₹144.00

Weight (in grams): 140 g

Type: Complementary Wet Food

Royal Canin surely knows how to make great tailored nutrition for your dog’s needs, age and breed. Their Maxi Adult Dog food is suitable for all adult dogs between 15 months to 8 years. 

It has high digestibility value that helps keep your dog’s tummy happy and healthy, is enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA-DHA) for healthy skin and offers bone and joint support that’ll help your dog as they transition into the senior ages. 

#5 Schesir 67% Chicken Fillets Wet Dog Food

Price: ₹199.00

Weight (in grams): 150 g

Type: Complementary Wet Food

It would be a crime to not include Schesir in the list. Schesir’s wet dog food is the top-quality wholesome nutrition that your dog deserves. Sourced all the way from Italy, it’s made with 100% natural delicious ingredients that gives it a high 12% protein content. 

Each product includes carefully selected best parts of the handpicked hormone-free chicken that’s then steam-cooked to lock in the nutrients. Talk about an extremely long process! Additionally, it’s also gluten and grain-free, making it a must-add to every Indian pet parent’s cart!

#6 JerHigh Chicken & Vegetable in Gravy Wet Dog Food

Price: ₹60.00

Weight (in grams): 120 g

Type: Complementary Wet Food

JerHigh’s Chicken and Vegetable in Gravy wet adult dog food is curated by an expert team to suit all breeds. As the name suggests, its delectable gravy is made of chicken, vegetables, insulin and fibres to keep your pup’s digestive health in check and ensure hydration with a moisture content of 82%. 

The team also ensures that the recipe is regularly researched and tested to uphold the promised nutritional value and to provide a safe and healthy option to all pet parents when they plan their summer diet for pet.

#7 Little BigPaw Steamed Atlantic Salmon & Vegetables Terrine Wet Dog Food

Price: ₹175.00

Weight (in grams): 150 g

Type: Complete Wet Food

No matter how small your dog is, Little BigPaw sees you! Featuring delicious Atlantic Salmon and the most healthy vegetables for good digestion, this Terrine Wet Dog Food is a complete meal for all small and toy dog breeds. 

With 60% British meat and basil as a surprise ingredient, it is packed with nutrition and vitamins A, E, D and B Complex. It also has no artificial preservatives, colours, flavours, grains or dairy to provide that extra care for your little furries!

HUFT Tip: A 'Terrine' is a mixture of vegetables and meat, prepared in advance and set in a leaf-like shape. It is commonly served in slices.

#8 Little BigPaw Chicken with Green Beans, Mixed Peppers and Sweet Potato in a Rich Herb Gravy Wet Dog Food

Price: ₹260.00

Weight (in grams):  390 g

Type: Complete Wet Food

Famous for its grain free recipe, Little BigPaw product contains 50% freshly prepared chicken and fibre-rich veggies that have excellent Omega-3 fatty acids which help maintain a healthy skin and coat. 

Additionally, the Glucosamine and Chondroitin content helps promote healthy cartilage that keeps your dog’s joints in order while the vitamins help build a strong skeletal system and boost immunity! 

#9 Hill's Prescription Diet Kidney Care k/d Canine Chicken Wet Dog Food

Price: ₹380.00

Weight (in grams): 370 g

Type: Complementary Wet Food

Summer brings with it its own set of problems and that snowballs to your dog’s existing special health issues. Hence, it’s important that you tailor your dog food for summer keeping in mind these unique variables. 

If your pup has kidney issues, enjoying a simple meal can be the most difficult thing they can do. Keeping this in mind, Hill’s nutritionists and veterinarians developed clinically-proven Prescription Diet k/d which is formulated with controlled phosphorus and low sodium to provide proper heart functioning and kidney care for your dog.  

The amino acid supports your dog's natural lean muscle, while the irresistible delicious taste makes it an amazing summer diet for dogs!

#10 Royal Canin Mini Breed Adult Wet Dog Food

Price: ₹90.00

Weight (in grams): 85 g

Type: Complementary Wet Food

Next on the list is another great addition to your dog’s digestive diet - Royal Canin’s Mini Breed Adult Wet Dog Food. Its gravy chunks help support a healthy digestive system and also maintains a balance in the intestinal flora. 

Suitable for all small dogs between 10 months to 12 years, this wet dog food for summer is a wonderful choice to maintain your dog’s ideal weight. Not to mention, the nutrient content is enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA that conditions the coat and also renews your dog’s healthy skin!

#11 JerHigh Roasted Duck in Gravy Wet Dog Food

Price: ₹60.00

Weight (in grams): 120 g

Type: Complementary Wet Food

JerHigh is yet another complementary wet dog food that has managed to make it to our list. Suitable for all breeds and coat types, it is made of real chicken and duck meat for healthy skin and coat. 

While your pooch might have a favourite, It’s always exciting when you decide to spruce up their meals. Even changing an ingredient along with their regular chicken is good enough to get their tongues panting with anticipation!

#12 Schesir 45% Chicken with Pumpkin Gravy Wet Dog Food

Price: ₹279.00

Weight (in grams): 285 g

Type: Complementary Wet Food

It might not be Halloween season for us yet but your dog surely will scare you by how fast they gobble up Schesir’s Chicken with Pumpkin Gravy. Pets all around the world seem to love Schesir and we don’t see why not!

Schesir has the most amazing top-quality wet pet food for summer that’s made with 100% natural ingredients. With 83% moisture content, no preservatives or colourings but only the very best parts of meat, their products have the same quality as those used for human consumption, although not to be consumed by humans.


We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions about wet food for dogs that every pet parent should know about!

Are all wet dog foods complete meals?

Dog dinner

Wet foods are the best dog food for summer. However, depending on the brand, there are two kinds of wet dog food that should be taken into account:

The first are complete meals which translate to stand-alone meals that are enough to meet all the nutritional requirements and satisfy your dog’s dietary needs. They can be fed in moderation and in accordance with the suggestions given by your vet. 

The second are supplementary or complementary meals that are individually not sufficient to reach all the nutritional requirements since they have no added supplements. These wet foods should be mixed with your dog’s dry food or their favourite home-made meals.

HUFT TIP: Always remember to check the label/packaging and see if they ask the product to be fed with other foods. 

Which is better—wet or dry dog food?

White pug

When it comes to comparing wet dog food to dry dog food, remember that it all depends on your dog’s nutritional needs and what your vet recommends. It’s necessary to provide your dog a balanced meal. As mentioned in the beginning, wet dog food provides hydration, is easier to chew, smells amazing and gives your dog a better satisfaction of having a meal. Dry dog food on the other hand has better dental benefits, is convenient, pocket-friendly and can be easily put into different feeder toys for dogs. A good balance between the two should always be maintained.

What are some other cooling foods or drinks for dogs in summer that can be given apart from wet food?

The most common cooling foods for dogs include watermelon, cucumber, strawberries, dog-friendly ice-creams and popsicles. These can be given as a treat if your pooch seems to get tired of their regular foods. You can also freeze your food into a KONG toy for extended fun meal-time. 

When it comes to drinks for dogs in summer, water is extremely essential. Apart from that, you can also blend up some fruits and yogurt for a smoothie or give them coconut water which is full of electrolytes, diluted in drinking water.

What are the other benefits of wet food apart from hydration?

Black pug white bowl

Depending on your dog’s age and breed, there are specific brands of wet food that cater to your dog’s special health needs. There are special diets for dogs who require gluten-free, low fat and veterinary diets. You can also try grain-free options like Kennel Kitchen and Schesir, hypoallergenic wet food like Little BigPaw and even prescription food tailored to digestive needs like Hill’s Prescription Diet Digestive Care or Royal Canin. 

We hope that our curated list of Top 12 wet food for dogs in summer will help you select the best summer meals for your pup. Have a great summer!

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