From Books To Pet Portraits, 14 Thoughtful Gifts for Pet Parents

February 14, 2022

14 years ago, we started our journey of partnering with pet parents and there’s one thing that hasn’t changed for ushumans who love their pets more than they love anyone else, are our favourite kind of humans

It’s super easy to spot such pet parents! A few common traits might include: 

  • Takes every opportunity to show a picture of their dog doing something funny 
  • Handles their furry one’s social media accounts (better than their personal ones)
  • Reschedules plans to spend more time snuggling with their cat
  • Dresses their pets for all social occasions 
  • Owns no fur-free belongings

The list is endless! 

So if you know of such an ardent pet lover and wish to express how much they mean to you, here are some thoughtful and meaningful 14 gifts for pet lovers that you can get for them:

#1 Books On Pets 

Books On Pets

It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon. You’re curled up on your couch with your favourite book and coffee or chai in hand while your pet is cuddled up next to you. Does it get any better than this?

Pets and books are perhaps the greatest companion ever known to humankind. As pet parents, we’re constantly doing our best to learn everything about our petswhat makes them different, tips to understand them better, anecdotes and lessons from other pet parents and so on. So if the pet parent you wish to gift has a keen interest in reading, then books on pets make the perfect gift! 

Here are some books on pets that HUFT recommends: 

  • The Book Of Dog: An anthropology celebrating our beloved best friends
  • Dog Knows: Learning How To Learn From Dogs by Sindhoor Pangal 
  • The Gopi Diaries Coming Home by Sudha Murty 
  • The Gopi Diaries Finding Love By Sudha Murty 

    Watch: Surabhi and Luchi reading a snippet from ‘The Book Of Dog’ 
  • #2 Pet Portraits 

    Dog Portrait

    In picture: Zoey posing with her portrait 

    There’s nothing that says ‘My pet is my family’ more than having their pictures decorate the walls of your house. Custom and handmade pet portraits are a perfect present for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday or a house-warming. They’re also a thoughtful gift for a pet parent who has recently lost a pet. Looking at the ones you love and reminiscing fond memories, can always bring some comfort. 

    #3 Visit A Pet-Friendly Restaurant 

    dogs with parents

    Most of us, as pet parents, worry about leaving our furry ones home alone when going out anywhere. A lot of times, finding a sitter to look after them can be exhausting too, which might make us reschedule our plans. 

    So if you’re looking for a way to spend some time, you can take your fellow pet parent and their pet out for a meal at a pet-friendly restaurant. These restaurants usually have a patio, a pet-safe food menu and all the necessities that your pet might need while stepping outside. 

    Some pet-friendly restaurants to visit in: 


    1. Quick Brown Fox Coffee Roasters 
    2. Roots - Cafe In The Park
    3. Cafe Dori 
    4. Fur Ball Story 
    5. OFF The Leash- A Dog Park & Cafe 


    1. Cat Cafe Studio 
    2. Summer Garden 
    3. Leaping Windows
    4. Pefe - The Pet Cafe
    5. The Bagel Shop


    1. Therpup - The Dog Cafe
    2. Snoopy Paws Cafe
    3. Bohemians Bangaluru
    4. Sunny’s Restaurant 
    5. Urban Solace

    HUFT Tip: If your pet has social anxiety and gets nervous around big crowds or other pets, you can call the restaurant before visiting and request for assistance such as a quieter space. Remember to avoid visiting during the rush hour and bring along your pet’s emotional-support toy, if any. 

    #4 Plan A Day Out At Pet-Friendly Pools

    dog in pool

    Our daily lives can get exhausting. So why not plan a pool day out to cool all worries? This is an amazing gift for pet parents, especially if they have a dog. You can book a pool session for pet parents and their dogs at pet-friendly pools

    Besides being a super fun activity to do with your furry one, swimming is a great form of exercise for your dog. Do you know that one minute of swimming equates to four minutes of running! It also has multiple health benefits for your dog like decreasing any body-pain, increasing metabolism, improving blood circulation, reducing stress and also strengthening the hearts and lungs! It’s perfect for even senior dogs or dogs with hip and joint problems. 

    HUFT Tip: Not all dogs are water babies. So if you notice that your dog is being cautious or hesitant around the water, remember to take it slow and guide them. 

     #5 Spend A Day At An Animal Shelter

    Feeding a dog

    We all learn something new each time we interact with animals. There’s something profound about connecting with the larger pet community that can help us restore a sense of purpose and deepen the love we have for animals.  

    If you wish to do your bit for rescue animals, you can do so in many ways. Apart from taking care of your local streeties, you can also visit animal shelters with your fellow pet parent(s). All they need is a bit of your time, your love and some companionship.  

    To sum the beautiful day up, you can also sign up to sponsor care for a shelter animal on your fellow pet parent’s behalf!

    #6 Attend a Yoga for Dogs Session! 

    Pup-asana session

    In picture: Pup-asana session hosted at HUFT Magrath Store, Bangalore

    Now if you’re thinking, can dogs really do yoga? Then the answer is yes! Doga or yoga for dogs is much more common than you think. You can book a doga session for your fellow pet parents and their dogs as a gift of zen

    Even though our furry ones will not be perfect in striking those yoga poses, a pet massage or some stretching can benefit them by improving their flexibility and helping them relax. It can also deepen the human-dog connection and give everyone a much-needed break from the rushed life. 

    HUFT Tip: Be mindful and try to observe your dog’s body language. If your dog seems uncomfortable during the session, pause the session or stop if needed. 

    #7 Gift Cards For Pets 

    Each person has their own preference and style and that’s why it can be really frustrating at times to decide—what to gift?

    So if you’re stuck in this predicament, always remember that one can never go wrong with a gift card! Here why gift cards for pets are a great gift idea for all pet parents: 

    • The pet parent can use them wisely and get a gift of their own choice
    • You can personalise the occasion and the amount value that suits your budget 
    • It will reach the pet parent instantly so no late deliveries! 

    #8 Pet-Inspired Stationery 

    Pet-Inspired Stationery

    If the pet parent you plan on gifting is the one who loves hoarding some stationery, then some pet-inspired stationery is something they’ll surely love! 

    Weekly planners, notepads and daily to-do lists don’t seem so bad when you have some adorable pet doodling on them. They can make for a useful gift and bonus? They’ll help your friend remember to not skip on the promises they’ve made to their pets! 

    #9 Matching Dog Parent Shirt

    dog with mommy

    Who says twinning is only meant for human couples? Eye-catching and  matching dog shirts and parent shirt with quirky prints can be a great gift for humans and dogs of all ages! You can post your twinning moments on social media, go out for a sunny picnic date or even flaunt them during your evening walks. 

    HUFT Tip: Always ensure your dog is comfortable in their clothing. If you notice any signs of discomfort in your dog, kindly remove the clothing. 

    Watch: How to Measure Your Dog For T-Shirts 

    #10 Dog-Themed Cushions: For Dogs & Their Parents 

     Dog-Themed Cushions

    Each of us has a designated cuddle corner in our homes with our pets. These are our little nooks of heaven that make all of our worries disappear. To decorate these corners, you can gift dog parents some soft and comfy dog-themed cushions and pair them with customised pet cushions for the furry ones with tails. 

    The plus? A lot of the adorable dog-themed cushions for pet parents are illustrated by Alicia Souza. So it’s a win-win if your fellow pet parents are a fan (just like us)!

    #11 Home Décor For Pet Lovers

    Home decor for pet lovers

    A little something to brighten up a corner of an office table? Or perhaps a blank wall that’s been patiently waiting for a while for some art to decor itself with? 

    From some wall art , a bone inspired wall hook to a DIY cardboard dog shelf, there are unlimited creative ways to decorate your home. If your friend loves dogs as much as you do, and are looking for ways to change things up, then these home décor for pet lovers simply fit the bill. 

    #12 Pet Fridge Magnets And Badges 

    Pet Fridge Magnets

    This is a great gift idea for pet lovers if you're someone young and are on a budget. Pet fridge magnets can be added to a fridge or even workspaces to keep those to-do-lists in view! Pet themed badges can be attached to any piece of clothing. 

    But our personal favourite are the magnetic pet frames where you can attach a picture with your furry one, where each time you pass by, there’s a small smile on your face.

    #13 Pet-Themed Hand-painted Jars & Glasses

    Hand-painted Jars

    If you’re looking for some more mature gift options, then next on our list are these hand-painted jars and hand-painted bottle and glasses. Thoughtfully made for an eco-conscious pet parent, these are great for home or even the pantry at work. They’re super easy to maintain, dishwasher safe and made out of stainless steel so you can reuse them anytime! 

    #14 Accessories 


    Last but not the least, we have some accessory gift ideas for your fellow pet parent. Not only do we use accessories every single day, these are no-brainer gift ideas that won’t disappoint any pet parent. For example, a pocket-sized pouch for pet lovers can be used to keep pet treats, cards, spare change or even ID cards, convenient for evening walks with pets. Or these  

    subtle spring-inspired scrunchies can match with their dog’s or cat’s spring-inspired bow ties or bandanas! 


    *All imagery and videos used are the property of Heads Up For Tails and cannot be used or distributed without prior permission.

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