14 Innovative Pet Products at HUFT

Wed, Feb 09, 22

At Heads Up For Tails, innovation is one of our five value pillars. We believe in pushing our boundaries, thinking big and upskilling ourselves. Deriving from our own experiences as pet parents and using our expertise in retail, nutrition, grooming and canine behaviour, our aim has always been to develop creative and functional products that can help all pets and their parents live their best lives.

As we complete 14 brilliant years, we wish for you to meet our 14 innovative pet products, adored by pet parents everywhere: 

  1. Yakies Vegetarian Chew Bone
  2. Sara’s Treats
  3. Yummy In My Tummy Dog Biscuits
  4. Royal Snooze Dog Bed
  5. Environmentally-friendly Cat Litter
  6. Fresh Paws Water Pet Sanitizer
  7. Paws For Earth Eco-friendly Pet Toys
  8. Multipurpose Dog Leash
  9. Organic Healing Balm for Dogs
  10. Snuffle Mat for Dogs
  11. Sofa Protector Bed for Dogs
  12. HUFT Car Seat Belt for Dogs
  13. Deshedder with Undercoat Rake for dogs
  14. Natural Pet Shampoo for Puppies & Kittens

1. Yakies Vegetarian Chew Bone

A healthy alternative to rawhide

We observed that the market was crowded with rawhide chew bones. These treats are made with hides of cattle that are put through high temperatures and then bleached. and are loaded with chemicals, posing a serious risk to a dog’s digestive system and overall health. 

HUFT Yakies Vegetarian Chew Bone was created after a lot of thought, research and love as a healthy alternative to rawhide chew bones. Handcrafted in the Himalayas, these chew bones are made entirely of natural cow & yak milk and are devoid of preservatives. This is a healthy, gluten-free chew bone that’s rich in calcium and protein, easy to digest and perfect for all dogs. 

HUFT Tip: If you have an older dog or a dog with dental issues, you can microwave their Yakies for about 10-15 seconds before feeding to soften them up!

2. Sara’s Treats 

Slow-cooked, grain-free, dehydrated dog treats

Most mass produced dog treats that an average pet parent brings home are made with meat waste, loaded with MSG and a host of chemicals and preservatives. They serve no nutritional value and cause a significant harm to the dog’s overall health by damaging their gut bacteria, filling them up with substances their bodies can’t break down. 

Named after our muse and in-house Labrador, Sara’s Treats are minimally processed, meat, fruit & vegetable based treats that serve as healthy snacks. As an alternative to the mass produced treats, these grain-free dehydrated dog treats are slow cooked for 12 hours to retain as much nutrition as possible. The meat used to make these treats are high quality and are free of injected antibiotics and hormones. 

3. Yummy In My Tummy Dog Biscuits

Oven-baked dog biscuits, free of sugar & artificial flavours

Most dog biscuits in the market are made with waste products or expired ingredients with a ton of artificial flavours and preservatives. 

At HUFT we believe that if the ingredients aren’t suitable for human consumption, they are definitely not suited for our dogs. Yummy In My Tummy dog biscuits are filled with real, human grade ingredients. These are oven bakedwhich means that not only do they retain their nutritional value but are also easy to digest. They also have zero artificial flavours which makes them suitable for all dogs! 

4Royal Snooze Dog Bed

Designed to last for a long, long time for the perfect snooze!

dog bed

We believe each dog deserves a safe, comfortable spot of their own where they can sit, nap, relax or just be themselves. Most dog beds in the market are poorly designed so they offer no body support, don’t last long or are a pain to wash (given that accumulated drool, dust and fur can cause skin infections and rashes). 

Sleeping on hard surfaces (a floor), mats of questionable quality or even soft bedding can put strain on a dog’s joint or hips when they have to get up. This is especially painful if they are puppies or senior dogs with hip or joint issues. What they need is a firm yet comfortable surface. 

We conducted a survey to understand almost 100 dogs’ sleep positions and habits to create the HUFT Royal Snooze Bed For Dogs. Scientifically constructed for optimum support, our antimicrobial, waterproof and moisture-resistant dog bed is made with an innovative cool gel memory foam filling. The cover is 100% cotton and removable, thus making it comfortable and easy to wash and dry. This long-lasting dog bed is also durable and temperature-controlled with a hygienic sleeping surface, making it a convenient snooze spot for all dogs.

5. Environmentally-friendly Cat Litter

Lighter than conventional litter. Just scoop & flush.

Cat litter

For our feline friends, we wanted to create something as unique and different as them. Our research pointed us to a very obvious need for a cat litter that can be easily flushed and scooped, absorb high moisture content and control all strong odours. The HUFT Eco-Friendly Cat Litter was our solution to all three. 

This cat litter has undergone a rigorous, high heat treatment that makes it a super-absorbent cat litter with excellent odour control. It’s also lighter than conventional, hence making it easy to use and dispose of. We were also conscious that conventional clay cat litter is non-biodegradable and on an average will stick around for thousands of years! Hence, we decided to make ours from recycled newspaper. 

6Fresh Paws Water Pet Sanitizer

100% natural, pet-safe alternative to alcohol sanitizers

With the onset of the pandemic, most pet parents started cleaning their pet’s paws regularly as an attempt to keep the post-walks germs outside their homes. Washing their feet with pet friendly soap or shampoo were not useful as they can cause the paws to dry if used 2-4 times a day. Plus, it was a tedious task too! With no other alternative, most of them had to settle for alcohol based sanitizers as they were readily available in the market. Usage of such sanitizers can be extremely harmful as pets have a tendency to lick their paws. If remnants of the sanitizer are ingested, they can over time lead to a host of liver and kidney complications. 

The Fresh Paws Pet Sanitizer was hence created as a safe, natural, and convenient way to kill germs on your pet's paws and body. It kills 99.9% of germs and the formula only uses 3 basic elements (all pet friendly and not alcohol based). It is gentle on the skin and can be used on all skin types, every day.

7. Paws For Earth Eco-friendly Pet Toys

Eco-friendly: Made with recycled PET bottles

Dog toy

At HUFT, we believe in sustainability and caring for the environment. On average, only 9% of the world’s plastic consumption is actually recycled. In this ‘Plastic Age’, our Paws for Earth collection is an effort to offer eco-friendly pet toys as an option for the eco-conscious pet parents. They are perfect for all breeds and are made with recycled materials (PET bottles) and are versatile as they can be used as cuddle or play toys! 

8. Multipurpose Dog Leash

Can be used in 6 different ways!

Dog leash

We found that our pet parents' need for leashes were very diverse; we had customers who were just starting to walk their dogs and were comfortable using a short leash or experienced walkers who wanted a longer leash for their dogs. To ease their needs of buying 3-4 different leashes, we decided to build a product that could be customized to all needs in one go. Made from nylon, our super-versatile leash for dogs can be adjusted and used in 6 different ways!

9. Organic Healing Balm for Dogs 

All-natural formula strengthens the skin’s defence against bacteria


The problem with most pet grooming and skin care products is that they are loaded with parabens, sulphates and other chemicals that are extremely harsh on the body and skin. As a result, we saw a lot of dogs whose skin would break out into rashes, dry fur, and dandruff. And so there was a need to create a range of products that were free of chemicals, did not cause irritation and was really helping each pet’s skin thrive. 

Our daily moisturising
healing balm for dogs is formulated to soothe irritated dry skin and paws and even heal minor cuts on your pet's body. It is made of ingredients like ashwagandha, tulsi, ghee, neem, frankincense oil and calendulaall known for their antimicrobial, anti fungal, skin soothing properties.

10. Snuffle Mat for Dogs 

Promotes mental stimulation by channeling your dog’s gift of smell

Snuffle mat

Dogs use their ability to smell as a source of enrichment. It not only helps them make meaning of their world but it also assists them to problem solve. So when we started spending more time at home due to COVID, we realised that those needs for our dogs were not being met. We had to think of a fun way to give our dogs some indoor enrichment. Hence we put together our range of snuffle mat for dogs

They’re perfect for your dog’s mental stimulation and helps them calm down after a stressful or exciting experience. All you have to do is hide their favourite dry dog treats in the fleece and watch as they use their super sniffer to find them!

Watch: Oreo working hard to find the treatos!

11. Sofa Protector Bed for Dogs

Keeps your furniture fur-free

Sofa Protector

Even though having fur on our belongings comes as a default for all pet parents, it can still be difficult to clean them afterwards (especially if it’s hard to clean furniture). We wanted each dog parent to enjoy all serotonin-filled snuggling sessions with their dog on their favourite couch without worrying too much.

So we put on our thinking hats and the solution was in front of ussofa protector bed for dogs. It has been specially designed to keep your favourite couch safe from your dog's hair. Just put this dog bed on top of your sofa/couch (without even deshedding it) and remove it when your pet is not using it!

12. HUFT Car Seat Belt for Dogs

Keeps your pet safe during car rides

dog car seat belt

Dogs love the outsides and when you add in a car ride? The excitement is through the roof! Apart from the fun of driving with your dog, there are a lot of precautions a dog parent needs to ensure for their dog’s safety. There are times when your dog might jump to the front seat in excitement or distract the driver which can pose a danger to everyone present in the car.  

To keep your pet safe during car rides, we created the car seat belt for dogs. One end of this car seat belt for dogs can be clipped onto your pet's harness and the other is designed to fit into a conventional seat belt holder. The length is adjustable too so your pet can move around a bit on the back seat.  The clip at the harness end swivels as your pet moves to prevent the belt from getting tangled.  A good quality seatbelt for dogs is important for car safety. 

Important: Remember to follow all the safety guidelines mentioned on our website while using the product. 

13. Deshedder with Undercoat Rake for dogs

Helps you work through your pet’s stubborn undercoat

Dogs, especially long haired dogs, can develop stubborn undercoats which can be tough to detangle. Often brushes made for humans are used which does a poor job and in the process can also hurt them and make your dog develop a stressful association with grooming. 

After a lot of brainstorming sessions, we were finally able to create a tool that would tackle all of these problems. Our HUFT Deshedder with Undercoat Rake for dogs is a two-in-one tool. The deshedder side of this tool can be used to work through the stubborn undercoat while the rake tool captures clumps of loose and dead hair. To shift from one to another, all you have to do is flip the top over! You can also use them during your pet’s bath.

HUFT Tip: Grooming is also a great way to bond with your pet. Remember to be gentle so your dog isn’t hurt or stressed during their grooming experience.

14. Natural Pet Shampoo for Puppies & Kittens

Paraben-free, sulphate-free & pH-balanced, a must-have for sensitive skin

puppy shampoo

Speaking of bath times, most pet shampoos in the market are loaded with parabens, sulphates and other chemicals that can cause your dog’s skin to break out into rashes, dry fur and dandruff. And as we opened new chains of our HUFT pet spas across the country, we wished to bring a safe and natural pet shampoo to people’s homes as well. 

So we introduced our HUFT Natural Pet Shampoo, especially formulated for puppy and kitten coats. It works gently but effectively, to cleanse the skin and fur. Vanilla and Honey are used to keep the coat moisturised. Wheat germ Oil encourages the growth of healthy fur. This pet shampoo can also be used for adult dogs with sensitive skin!

14 years ago, we embarked on a journey to help families raise healthier and happier pets. From a tiny homegrown brand, to growing into a family of millions, it's incredible to see what we have built and how far we’ve come. At Heads Up For Tails, pets are at the heart of everything we do and with each product and collection, we promise to do our best to honour them.



*All imagery and videos used are the property of Heads Up For Tails and cannot be used or distributed without prior permission.

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