Adopting a cat 101- Learn cat parenting from an expert!

December 27, 2021

Being a pet parent means constantly learning and discovering new ways to care for your pets. When it comes to cat parenting, the destination is the same; to be a responsible and loving pet parent to the cat or kitten that you bring home. 

If you are preparing to step into the world of cat parenting, we are here to help you plan your journey. With help from Certified Pet Behaviourist Aaron D’Silva, learn the A-Z of Cat Parenting; from adoption to becoming the best version of yourself that your pet will need. 

Adopting a cat in India

Adopting a cat or adopting a kitten in India from a rescuer or shelter involves 4 main steps as broken down by Aaron in this video…

To Summarise:

When adopting a cat or kitten in India, be prepared for the shelters or rescuers to take the following steps:

  1. Screening to understand the parents’ needs. 
  2. Personally visiting the house & meeting the family
  3. Documentations
  4. Bringing home your cat!

How to take care of a cat

Cats are sensitive beings who require different amounts of care at different stages of life. Cat care can look completely different from kitten care and it’s important to understand the nuances and differences between the two. 

In the second leg of your cat parenting journey, Pet Behaviorist Aaron D’Silva simplifies the concept of cat care for you:

To Summarise:

  1. Cat care is different from kitten care and the amount of attention and control in their routine will also be different. 
  2. Cats are very sensitive beings, so cat proofing balconies & windows are a must for their safety. 
  3. Crate training is an extremely important part of cat care
  4. Crate training helps a new cat familiarise and adjust to the new house, as well as is meant for safe travelling with your cats.

How to prepare your home for a cat

Once you have thought through your cat care routine, it’s important to look at the space where your cat will be spending most of his/her time - your house. 

Learn Aaron, how you can ensure that your house is a space where your cat/kitten can feel safe, nurtured and fulfilled:

To Summarise:

  1. Cat proofing balcony, windows and other outings with the right net is a must!
  2. Keep away any harmful chemicals or plants like lilies & Aloe vera that can be toxic to them.
  3. Loose wire endings must be shut and keep the showpieces away.
  4. The cat must have its own well-lit room with proper ventilation.
  5. Food, water & litter box along with familiar items must be placed in the room
  6. Avoid loud noises or direct confrontation with the cat.
  7. Socialising will make you a better cat parent! (Go through the video to learn how)

How to live it up as a cat parent

Like any other form of parenting, Cat parenting is a long term commitment. After learning about the basics of cat care, here’s Aaron D’Silva explaining how you can responsibly map your cat parenting journey:

To Summarise:

  1. Adopting a cat comes with 15-18 years of commitment to their lives.
  2. It’s important for pet parents to be involved and stimulate the curiosity of their cats.
  3. Introducing interactive toys in the mix will help your cat to be more expressive.
  4. Working a cat with appropriate toys is important to ensure their energy is well channelled.

Now that you are equipped with the know-how of cat parenting, be your best selves as a cat parent and don’t forget to tag us along in the journey by sharing all the fun images and videos with us at @headsupfortails on Instagram and Facebook.

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