From Plush To Catnip Toys, 10 Best Cat Toys Your Feline Will Love

October 27, 2021

If cat toys had their own version of the movie Toy Story, we can guarantee it would be an even more adventurous one! 

Although cats are naturally curious and playful, they can also be very choosy when it comes to picking the toys they wish to play with. With time, they might even lose interest in the ones they once dearly loved! So, having learnt from the previous toys abandoned and forgotten, it’s important to put some thought behind selecting a range of cat toys that can benefit your cat in multiple ways. 

In this blog, you will find: 

  • Why is playtime important for cats?
  • 10 best cat toys your feline will love 
  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about cat toys


    1. A fun way to exercise:
      A loss of interest in surroundings and inactivity can create mental and physical health problems for your feline. A daily routine of play can help in your cat’s overall development!

      Cat on shoulder

    2. Strengthens bond:
      It’s a myth one cannot deepen their bond with their cats! By taking out time in your daily routine to play with your cat, you can express how much you love them. 

    3. Brings out their natural instincts:
      Cats view toys as they would view their prey. Anything that has some form of a natural movement will be of interest to your cat. So remember
      the best cat toys offer the most interaction and bring out your cat’s natural predator instinct and personality.  


    Here are top 10 best cat toys we’re positive your feline will adore: 



    Are plush cat toys for kittens?

    Cat plush toys are perfect for both cats and kittens. For a kitten, a plush toy might become their emotional support friend they cuddle to sleep, while for a cat they can become their ‘prey’ they’d love to pounce on or even battle. Most plush toys for cats are in the form of a small animal to provide an additional thrill.  

    What to look for in a cat plush toy

    Cat plush toys should be soft, cuddly, easy to hold and sufficiently big enough to prevent choking. They should also be robust so they don’t tear easily once played with! But remember no toy is indestructible!



    Puzzle toys for cats or food-dispensing toys are a good way to get your cat to work for their food. These mentally-stimulating toys can help relieve your cat from boredom, stress, anxiety and aggression. For cat parents who aren’t at home for most of the day, slow-feeder puzzle toys can keep your cat entertained and on their paws for hours. 

    What to look for in cat puzzle toys?

    While choosing cat puzzle toys, your cat’s safety should be kept in mind. Quality and durability are the two important factors one should not skip over. 

    HUFT Tip: Make your cat’s playtime as safe as possible. The best cat toys are functional, age appropriate and match with your cat’s energy levels. We always recommend pet parental supervision when pets are playing with toys


    Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is a shrub in the mint family (that produces a chemical called nepetalactone) which causes cats to enter a state of euphoria and then gradually calmness. 


    Whether it’s alerting their sense of smell or nudging them to be a bit goofy, catnip is a non-toxic shrub loved by most cats. And when added to their favourite toys? They’re simply irresistible! You will find your cat sniffing it, rolling it around or even rubbing their faces on the toy to express their joy. While your cat would love to play with them, these
    catnip toys can also relieve your furry one from stress, anxiety and depression. 

    Fun Fact:  Animals from the cat family such as lions and tigers can feel the effects of catnip as well! 


    All cats love a good chase! As kittens begin to grow into adult cats, their natural urge to hunt intensifies. One of the interactive cat toys are the ones that take your cat’s playtime to the next level. Chaser cat toys with motion-sound activated sensors provide a realistic ‘hunting’ experience to your indoor cat. They’re innovative, entertaining and super easy to use. Remember to get age and size appropriate toys for your cat and always supervise their play!

    HUFT Tip: Remember to let your cat play with catnip toys in moderation. Shuffle or rotate your cat’s toys at least once a week so your feline doesn’t get bored of interacting with just one toy!

    Cat in lap

     5. LED CAT TOYS 

    Cats love shiny objects. LED Cat toys are cat toys with built-in light that will make your cat open their eyes wide in fascination. They are non-toxic and known to be extremely entertaining for a hyperactive kitty. These will light up whenever your cat interacts with (paws) it.  Most of these toys even double as a catnip-toy, giving twice the engagement your cat needs. 

    HUFT Tip: If you’re purchasing LED cat toys, your cat will enjoy yellow and blue lights over any other coloured lights! 



    A cat wand toy brings out your cat’s natural instinct to stalk, hunt and capture. The dangling part of the toy (usually shaped as a small animal, insect or a feather) is the ‘prey’ cats enjoy capturing with their paws. The wooden part of these toys helps keep the ‘prey’ away, which keeps your hands safe from your kitty’s excitable claws. So if you’re looking for safe yet fun cat toys, a teaser or a wand toy will be your best bet.

    7. CAT BALL TOY 


    Homes that don't have carpeted floors can add a cat ball toy to their stash of cat toys. Balls are liked by cats who enjoy chasing, running, and pouncing. The rolling of the ball activates an innate prey response which means that the slightest movement will send your cat racing across the room!

    Cat ball toys are available in various forms such as a catnip ball toy, a ball toy with tail attached, a ball attached to a wand or the most common, the ‘catch the balls’ toy. This cat ball toy offers a three-tier ball game which can be played for hours on end. Simply spin the balls around and watch your cat try to bat it as soon as they start slowing down. You may have to mind your fingers with the most over-enthusiastic players! 



    If you’ve noticed your cat scratching everything (including your furniture), then don’t worry! Scratching is an usual instinctual behaviour for all cats. It helps them mark their territory, express different emotions and also allows them to give themselves a free self-manicure (as scratching also removes dead nails).

    Cat scratching mats can help your cat tap into their natural instinct to scratch, in a safe way that doesn’t hurt them or anyone else. It’s a bonus if you add a bit of catnip to these! Your cat will love to roll around in, scratch and purr on them. Since they come in a wide variety of shapes (scratcher trees, towes, flat scatchers, mats etc), you’d want to choose one that suits your cat’s size, age and one that can easily fit to the area they usually love to nap or be around in. 


    Dental cat toys

    Dental cat toys or chews can keep your cat’s pearly whites, wellwhite! While played or chewed on, these catnip cat toys keep your feline’s teeth clean by removing plaque and tartar. If you have a teething kitten at home or even an older one who loves to chew, these dental cat chew toys can also help satisfy their urges and promote a healthy chewing behaviour!



    When squeezed, crinkle cat toys produce a high-pitched sound which is music to all kitty ears! These interactive toys tap into your cat’s predatory instinct of reacting to sounds that resemble that of a preybirds, mice, crickets, insects or even rats! Most of these cat toys are infused with catnip to make playtime extra fun for your cat!

    # FAQs about Cat Toys

    1. I wish to buy specific cat toys. How to tell whether my cat will like them?

    To understand whether your cat might be interested in the toy, test it out at home after learning its mechanism. Use a simple object that might mimic different cat toys and see if it gets your cat's attention. Your cat may feel bored or disinterested if it doesn't move in a certain way. To be entirely sure whether the cat toy is right for your cat - demonstrate a variety of movements with the sample object at home raise it in the air to mimic a bird, roll it on the floor to resemble a rat, move it around in the bathtub like fish etc. Experiment with movements in different environments to get a clear understanding of what your cat genuinely likes!

    2. Can cats choke on small toys? How do I know if cat toys are safe for my cat?

    Before buying cat toys, do a thorough inspection of the toy to ensure that it has all their parts intact and securely fastened. Low-quality cat toys may not be tested for safety and durability; as a result, loose parts end up being swallowed. Invest in high-quality cat toys  that aren’t made of cheap, inferior parts or coated with toxic paint and fragrances.

    3. Do all cats like catnip toys?

    Not all cats have the genetic receptors in their noses to feel the catnip’s effects. 

    High-quality catnip toys should be brought home only if your cat responds to it. Here’s a small experiment you can conduct at home. First, introduce small quantities of catnip to your cat and see how they react to it. If you see your cat not showing any reaction to the catnip, chances are they do not have the genetic receptors to feel its effects.

    4. Is there a good time to play with my cat?

    If your cat is getting the zoomies just before dinner, it’s a good idea to schedule a play session then. A fun game is a perfect way to work up an appetite!

    5. Why do cats bring their toys to you?

    Cats are territorial creatures who like to keep their space and possessions to themselves. So if your cat brings their toys to you, it means they’re trying to show their affection, by sharing something extremely personal. It can also be seen as an invitation to spend some time with you through some play! 

    6. What is the best toy for a bored cat?

    There isn't one right answer for this question. Each cat has their own preference of what they find entertaining when they’re bored. A good mix of interactive toys, catnip toys and hunting toys in the shape of small animals and insects can help keep your kitty active! Remember to rotate or shuffle your cat’s toys at least once a week to avoid boredom.



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