HUFT Treats & Biscuits

Treats are an essential part of the pet-parent relationship (just ask your dog!) However, giving your dog treats is a balancing act between rewarding them enough without overfeeding them. As always, we’ve stocked up on a very wide variety here. We recommend that you pay attention to the ingredient labels when you choose treats for dogs to make sure you know exactly what you’re feeding your pet. Our collection includes Sara’s Treats which are just dehydrated ingredients with no additives. Dogs love the natural flavors and the nutrients are excellent for their health. Our Yummy in My Tummy biscuits can be broken up into smaller pieces and used as training treats. Other favorites include Happi Doggy, Chip Chop, and Orijen Treats. You should also check the Dog Chews that include Chew Bones Yakies and Chew Sticks for Puppies and Dogs.