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Dog Blankets: Keep Your Pet Snug & Warm

Yes, your dog’s fur does protect him or her from the cold but all fur coats were not created equal. For instance, a dog with a light, the short coat may not be able to withstand a bitterly cold winter night in Delhi. Dog blankets are a great way to ensure they are kept warm through the night.

Easy to Maintain

Dog winter blankets can be kept on hand through the year for unexpected cold spells. These are lightly stuffed and are soft as well. They can be washed as often as required so they’re pretty easy to maintain.

For Senior Pets

Senior pets tend to feel the cold more than younger ones. Make sure that their bed is not kept in the path of a draft and add a blanket to it. When they’re feeling cold, they can cosy into it. Small dogs and pups may also feel the cold more. It helps to keep water bowls close by so your dogs have easy access to it.

Dogs are what is known as ‘denning animals’ this means that they love small, cosy places to sleep in. This behaviour may be particularly apparent in pups who often sleep under beds, sofas or in piles of freshly washed laundry! Dog blankets make their beds so much more inviting for them.

You can also have a blanket on the couch or spread out on your bed. If your dog is feeling warm under the blanket he or she will make his way out, allow them to do so. They are likely to return when they feel chilly again. When warm weather comes around, you can just fold up the blanket and put it away.