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Our inbox is always overflowing with heartwarming messages from pet parents.  Here's a glimpse of that love.

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Thank you pet parents for loving us, just like family does.

Cookie has so many firsts to share from HUFT o His first grooming where he was treated with so much love and care, his 1st toy ball which he's never bored of, his 1st leash and harness, his 1st cute name tag, his 1st cute bandhan, his 1st treats, his 1st bed. HUFT is not just a place it's an emotion for Cookie and Us


The first time i came to huft was for max's grooming... It was his first ever grooming session as a pup. I was very anxious on how he is gonna behave plus his dislike towards getting blow dried. But right from the minute we entered the store, everyone welcomed him, pampered him and he was soo happy to get that session that he didn't get scared even when he was getting blow dried because of the love, pets and the treats he got. Visiting the huft store is his favourite activity where he can play with everyone, get his favourite toys and tasty treats. He enjoys it every single time


Happy 16th @headsupfortails.... the most special moments with huft is when I restock my pets treats & Sara's dog food from HUFT. My pet was not eating properly for days. When I received my order I offered him Sara's wholesome food and guess what he finished everything in a blink of an eye. Since that day HUFT is my go to restock site. The best part about huft is it's not only a brand which focuses only on its business but also takes care of our street animals. Thank you HUFT for giving me a chance to serve my street dogs with your affordable feed a dog in need packs which I buy with my every restock order. Wishing you many more years of success and love. Keep spreading love n kindness😍


My First memory i had with HUFT is when i bought a pink sweater for Donu in 2019 when he was a year old. You make such awesome quality products that we never get bored of Now he is 6 years old, he still wears the same sweater. Best part about you is you never compromise with the quality of the product As the time passes by, we fall in love with you more and more its always been a special experience everytime whenever i order anything for him or we get from our friends could it be Walk essentials, treats ,clothing, winter wear, food, or fashion accessories Donu is so fond of your Sara treats specially so i never let it run out of stock. Now cos of you he has such a huge collection of HUFT products. I just want to thank you for making such awesome products for our furbabies keep spreading smiles in our lives.


HUFT has been an integral part of our Cisco's journey. His very first sweater was from HUFT. His first leash and harness was from HUFT. Cisco has grown up with HUFT. The goodies, the toys, treats and all their products are amazing It's a tradition to bake his cake from the cake mix from HUFT. * Last year we had baked the cake from the cake mix and planned a surprise for him. He was jumping with joy! And that was really a very beautiful moment for all of us. And it was possible all because of HUFT!

Whenever I go out I make sure to visit the store and I always end up getting something for Cisco.

Cisco is 8 years old now! And he will turn 9 in March !And HUFT has completed 16 years! So we have been a part of HUFT for a really long time.

Cisco's birthday cake and gifts are already purchased from HUFT and gift wrapped as well!

" Thank you HUFT for being a part of our pet's journey from day 1!

Wishing you Happy 16th Birthday HUFT ❤️


My first memory with HUFT is when my pawrents got me a beautiful bed, amazing toys, a name tag (they named me in your store when they were asked what to engrave on the name tag), collar-leash, shampoos and perfumes a day before my arrival. As soon as I came inside my house, I saw all these things kept there for me. My pawrents were super excited for me to use them. The first thing my mom did was to put on my HUFT collar with my name tag. It was the best day of their life (and mine too). Your koala toy was the first toy I ever played with. My pawrents only trust HUFT for all my clothes, accessories, food, toys and grooming needs. ❤️

@daily.bailey 20

My kid had to undergo a surgery last year. He was put on prescription diet right away but a few days after the surgery he stopped eating. The vet checked him and everything was adjudged well from a medical point of view. I contacted the HUFT team in my city (Lucknow). They offered to do something special. We took him to the store and the whole team gathered to cheer him, staff A and P themselves hand fed him Sara's wholesome Chicken and Turkey variant (it was vet approved btw). Never in my past experiences with pet world have I ever brushed shoulders with such kind humans. To go out of their way for my kid 💙 I hope they got a pat on their back for this. My kid started eating well shortly after that. Needless to say every visit at the store is now lunch time for him. Not sharing this story specifically for the hamper; I believe other customers should also cheer for Team HUFT, they truly are gems👏


Proud of what you have created Rashi Narang. If our fav Doggos could talk, they would be pawing the keyboard crazy. Continue to making the doggos and their parents happy.

Jaipal Singh

More power to you Rashi Narang! Your journey has been truly an inspiration, full of grit and so much heart. Congratulations and lots of thank yous from my boy and me!🦮🐾

Vigyeta Agrawal

Congratulations Rashi Narang, to you and the team. As an HUFT customer myself, the brand has made a huge difference to pets and pet parents. And you and this journey have been an inspiration to many. Here's to many 16s more ❤️

Vanaja Pillai

Thanks for creating a beautiful brand for my boy and girl and upgrading their lifestyles 💓

Shruti Shreshtha

HUFT is all heart! A visit to your store always lifts our spirits. Your team is always warm and welcoming. Best wishes for your journey ahead!!

Bhavna Bhatia

My pet, Toby, came into HUFT for a grooming session 6 weeks ago. The groomers, as usual, did a great job! They noticed that Toby had a rash on his lower lip. And we were lucky that they noticed it and informed us. When we took him to the vet, they discovered he had oral cancer. Since we caught it early, Toby is now cancer free after an oral surgery. We are very happy with the service and personalised care we get at HUFT when we visting for grooming. Thanks!

Toby's Mom

So my dog developed a severe allergy to eggs, chicken and meat. It was disheartening to see that majority of the brands in the market only have non-vegetarian products. I was over the moon when I stumbled upon HUFTs range of vegetarian treats. The best part are human grade ingredients, no nasty chemicals that you can barely pronounce, you know exactly what goes into making these treats.


I've always been fond of dogs since I was a kid and been feeding them whenever I can and wherever I go. We recently found out about @headsupfortails @headsupfortailsfoundation small food packets called "FEED A DOG IN NEED" which serves a nutritious meal for the streeties!We ordered the 5kg pack which is just 899/- to help feed the doggos. The love we get in return is just so pure, you guys!


The moment you step into a HUFT store, their amazing staff is ready to assist you with unparalleled attention and care. They are well-versed with their product offerings, always eager to guide you towards the perfect choices for your furry friends and moreover their genuine love for pets elevate your shopping experience!


Thankyou for a spa-bulous experience, HUFT. The groomers were gentle and careful during the entire spa session. Also, he [Ted] received a report card and lots of treats in the end.

Tanya Jain

Went for grooming today @headsupfortails and had the best experience. The staff were very professional and helpful. They offered me water and coffee while waiting for Zita to finish her grooming. HUFT had everything your fur baby needs.

Desiree Malhotra

My pup loved the food [Sara's Wholesome Food]. He had not been showing much interest in eating for sometime due to the weather but Sara's food pack was a game changer. He's been showing a lot more interest in the food since he's gotten a taste of it.


Every time I think of something new to try out for my Georgy, I always look up first on HUFT, because I have never experienced any disappointments with the products and services! Thank you for helping me choose this lovely, comfortable raincoat for Georgy!!!

Gunimala Chakraborty

I went to the store in Jio World and wanted a few items for my dog, later when I mentioned that it is my dog's birthday, they were so kind that they treated us with an extra discount and 2 boxes of treats. My dog loves their treats and other items. Would definitely recommend Heads Up For Tails.

Diya Arora

My Lhasa Apso has some type of unidentified dermatitis, so these gluten free dog biscuits [HUFT Yummy In My Tummy] are the best for her. She loves these and the apple and banana flavour as well. HUFT never disappoints when it comes to shipping time and packaging. Super satisfied!


Both Skippy & Dobby just LOVE LOVE LOVE these biscuits [HUFT Yummy In My Tummy]. Skippy is the super choosy one when it comes to food and she mostly rejects everything or at least does not show much interest in eating them but these biscuits she just gobbles them up. Keep up the good work HUFT Team!


I cannot imagine my day without this product [HUFT Yakies]. My dog Cooper is always excited to just lick and play around with the bone and this is so much better than a regular bone. Absolutely a must have for buys dog parents who want some rest or need to work and need to keep their little friend involved in something else.

Satyam Bairoliya

I'm a vegetarian and personally I don't like non-vegetarian stuff and because of that my dog also doesn't eat non-veg. A friend of mine suggested that I should try treats from Heads Up For Tails as they have vegetarian options too. So I bought biscuits in every flavour and my dog loved it! Especially cheese and apple one. A must buy!

Akhil Pandit

First of all the brand HUFT is the best! Like, I haven't ever in my life seen such classy products and that too of the best quality, the bandanas are the cutest thing ever and the treats seem so yummy, I wish I could eat them! My pet Champ seems so happy after eating those treats, he can do anything for a single biscuit. The first brand for pets I would suggest to anyone will definitely be HUFT! I just love HUFT!

Bhumi Khullar

Lucky is a very fussy eater, and I've been on the lookout for something good and healthy for her. I follow you folks on Instagram and came across your Chicken & Cheese Biscuits and felt I must try for my baby. I'm glad to share that Lucky has taken to the biscuits and eats them everyday for breakfast. Looking at trying the Apple & Cinnamon flavoured Biscuits as well.

Bindu Bajaj

What I love about all HUFT products, including these biscuits is that they reflect the care and love that one has for their own pet. From the ingredient list to the recommended consumption - it's like HUFT has already done the research for what's most suited for your pet so you don't have to. The super-convenient shopping experience and customer care both online as well as at the physical stores makes HUFT all the more a 'furrever' part of our pet's lives.


I first received a bag of "HUFT Feed a Dog In Need Dog Food Pack - 100 g" for free with a past purchase and was so touched by HUFT Foundation's work. It's important for the community of dog lovers to work together to take care of all furry babies! For only Rs. 30, you can make a homeless furry-legged happy! This was happily eaten by both the stray dogs in my neighbourhood.


Milo, my baby pug, loves the sweater. He also loved the snacks and wags his tail, sniffing around the box in circles, when he senses the HUFT box is around. Thank you for opening a store like HUFT, in almost ever city if the country. Well, Kolkata one is prompt, and we have become loyal pet shoppers.

Anisha Bose

We take so many things for granted. I personally never thought of a street dog before we brought Loki home. Never thought about what they go through. Loved this initiative by @huftindia [Feed A Dog In Need initiative]. A little something is always better than nothing! Thank you!

Akhila Deshpande

A huge shout out to @huftindia for being the source of my streeties' smiles. I bought a whole supply of treats from the Select City Walk Branch in Delhi and my dogs are in love.


All the biscuits I have bought so far have been good. Muffin has no complaints. He is a shihtzu and eats around 4 biscuits in the morning. The biscuits are kept in an air-tight container in a cupboard and don’t catch mold or get moist. We keep changing the flavours so Muffin doesn’t get bored.

Shreya Sood

On a Thursday, I bought a harness for my dog who sadly passed away the very next day. A couple of days later, I reached out to the Ahmedabad store of @huftindia asking if they will take back the harness. Not only did they accept the return but also refunded the whole amount!


I noticed a stray dog outside a fancy pet store at Khan Market, Delhi. I quickly went in to buy him some food when the store person brought him in and said, "He's Lassi. We adopted him six months ago. We feed him every day." @huftindia, so much love, gratitude, and respect for you!

Rahul Milind

A brand I really like, as a customer and as a marketer - @huftindia. Not only are their products amazing and their brand value great, but the biggest plus - their staff. Always welcoming Mel at any store. Absolutely love the whole experience!


[My] Amma has never really interacted with dogs before. So she has been a bit wary of them. Until she met Kaddu. Today, she went to a @huftindia to buy toys for him! Her mind has been blown by the world of doggies


They are absolutely terrific across the line. I couldn't find anything warm for my dog that would fit him, but then my super sweet neighbor ordered this [Dog Jacket] for him. It's perfect!

Adi Upadhyay

While I count my blessings each passing day and pray for all, today particularly I am thankful to @huftindia for delivering food pellets for my pet rabbits. Had been looking for their food hopelessly from every source possible since the lockdown.


Hey @huftindia, I was at your spa last week with my fur babies and noticed these Rs 30 packs for feeding strays. I picked up a few and kept them in my car. I used them last night and today when I came across two hungry pups. They absolutely loved it! Such a lovely concept and much better than the ParleG biscuits I had kept.

Snehesh Alex Philip

They did the best job ever! My pup was treated so well from the moment we walked in till he was done with spa. The staff was super friendly and welcoming. My pup, Max, was so well taken care of. His haircut is perfectly done. The detailing, cut, clean everything. They did an amazing job! Would surely come back again.

Max's Mom

My cat, Peachy had lot of knots, I was so scared that removing the knots will be difficult. But the groomers of Heads Up For Tails were so efficient and patient with her. They removed all the knots without a single cut. From then on, I decided to comb her twice a day. Thank you Heads Up For Tails!

Lulu & Peach's Mom

We have a one year old Shih Tzu puppy, so the need for frequent grooming is a given. Out of all the nearby grooming places we took him, this experience was the best. The groomers pampered Nemo when he was showing aggression and calmed him down. They took their time and were patient with every pet that came during our visit. It felt like they truly loved what they were doing.

Nemo's Mom

They have the best selection of treats, food, leashes, beds, toys and all other accessories you could want for your dog/cat. Trust me. I've taken care of over 50 animals in 3 different countries. The staff seemed very knowledgeable and you can see them grooming the dogs from the window outside. They seem to be doing a solid job. They also organize adoption camps for stray animals which is awesome.


I visited the store first time and was very happy with the service. I loved the way they took care of my baby boy. Plus point is you can see how your pet is being groomed in the CCTV and you can track activity. Overall very happy with the service. Thank you so much for making our pet feel so loved at your store.

Roxy's Mom

I’ve been visiting this store even before I adopted my indie 7 months back and have never stopped coming in ever since. Both Moonshine (my pet indie) and I love every single person at the store and it definitely is one of the most favourite places for him to be at. HUFT makes sure that your pet is given all the spoiling that they deserve right from the treats to the spa sessions, all the way to the belly rubs.

Moonshine's Mom

Expensive, this was what I thought of HUFT as a new parent. I used to get food and toys from other local shops. But when I found out about the quality, it was totally worth it. My dog is super active and his toys from HUFT last extra days. When it comes to food they have fresh ones. At HUFT, we only recieve fresh food stock that lasts longer.


So, I ordered HUFT Pumkin & Carrots Biscuits and HUFT Gluten Free Apple & Banana biscuits. One of my dogs is allergic to gluten, hence cannot eat any products that has gluten like wheat flour, all purpose flour and many other things. He loved the gluten free biscuits. The other one digs the Pumpkin & Carrots one.

Anuvhuti Bisht

My puppy Luna loves these cookies. It can be used for training your pup as these are high quality premium cookies. Don't worry about over feeding these to your loved one. Since it's made from all natural ingredients it won't cause any harm or upset their stomach.

Sharvani Lahiri

The thank-you message they send instantly gives you all the delights. And most importantly, Rio just loves these cookies. The packaging and the cookies give premium feel. Keep up the good work HUFT team!!

Abhishek Upmanyu

The best chew bone your dog could ever have. My dog got so excited after seeing it. He replaced his boredom hours with satiating his urge to chew something that is so natural and full of nutrients. It's made of milk and lime. It's something that keeps your dog occupied happily and your clothes okay. Just kidding. It's a great product.

Srishti Kapoor

I purchased HUFT Organic Anti-Tick Powder and it was amazing. My dog, Happy, loved it while going outside for play. The solution prevents ticks from getting attached to the skin coat due to its formula of Lemongrass and Geranium. Thanks HUFT.


Little late to the party. But Heads Up For Tails has been my close support in my new journey parenting three Indies. I cannot imagine any product that I get for them to not be HUFT or via HUFT. Because you wanted your dog to love her best life, so many of us have been able to give the same to ours. No brand has been able to offer such a range of Petcare items from across the world including ramps, life jackets and variety of harnesses as you guys.

Kritika M.

As one of your earliest customers, I can vouch that you and your team always had a personal touch treating your customers as guests in your home... welcome. Visited your stores and the people there too are caring. Strays outside. A dog adopted inside. Honest advice rather than sell at any cost. Doesn't always result in an immediate sale but helps gain a long term customer. Happy you've made a passion into a success. Here are Leo and Elsa who you will remember with their neck scarf and bow tie way back when you had just started. Sadly both are no longer with us, but they'd woof you and your team their approval and be wagging well wishes if they were here.

Sachin Talwar

Dear Rashi Narang - Great to see this post through my friend Satish Srinivasan! My family and I are regular visitors to Heads Up For Tails in Indiranagar, Bangalore for our dear pet "Akira". From being totally petrified of animals and pets, Akira came in to my life three years ago, thanks to my lovely wife and daughters. Our family is not complete without the mention of Akira and must commend the team at "Heads Up For Tails (HUFT)" for all the love and care given to Akira. "HUFT" has been our special go to place for all of Akira's requirements and gratitude to you for this initiative of yours. Remain Blessed!!

Ashok K K Vasudevan

Rashi Narang I congratulate you and the team for the work done. And here's a special reason- I DON'T own a pet, I DON'T have an experience of owning one so far, but when I moved to Gurgaon almost three years ago, I couldn't resist walking into your store which was next to the venue where we were hosting an event. And since then, every time I spot a store, it has been exciting to take a walk into the store and understand the products that you manufacture for care, for comfort, for style, and much more. Your brand and products speak far and wide and I acknowledge the excellent work done by you! Kudos!

Neha Kumaar Garg

Thank you Rashi Narang for creating this amazing brand. You commitment and love for what you do shows in the company's offerings and service. Everytime I need to buy something for my pup, Heads Up For Tails is the first name that comes to my mind. Bless you and hope that you keep growing and prospering in your endeavor to create a better world for all the pet owners out there! Godspeed!

Meenakshi Bhatt

Hi Rashi Narang | totally appreciate the work you've put into Head Up For Tails! The quality of your products speaks volumes! HUFT is my go to store for my pet needs and | have never been disappointed with my purchases. Kudos and all the very best!

Akshay Dandeka

Rashi Narang My five brats are spoilt for choices at Heads up for Tails. Lately, we visited the Whitefield branch with our 3 three-legged Tiger (That's what he thinks of himself :)). The staff was absolutely awesome. The experience is seamless. No trying to upsell, just focus on the customer experience which is our Kiddo Sheru. Thank you for this!

Sunder Raman

Love the pet brand you have created, Rashi. It's a joy to shop from you every time. From cute little fridge magnets, a sincere card or day's dog food, your brand emanates innocence and purity synonymous with pets. Both our cats love the products and the boxes they come within. - Please keep the small startup vibe alive and wish HUFT becomes big beyond dreams.

M. Aamir Khan

Love Heads Up for Tails, it's products and food! And I am happy to have been one of your first few customers when you and your Mom had set up a kiosk where we had a discussion about my pet and her needs...I think it was at the Saket Mall. It's not always the Business Plan, it's the Spirit and the Passion that pave the way for a great business sometimes!

Seema Bassi

One of the best customer support I have ever experienced at Miraya rose outlet, Bangalore. Your team is so passionate in everything they do. Cookie thoroughly enjoys her grooming session everytime I take her there..You guys are doing a fabulous job,Way to go Rashi!!

Prashanth Chandrasekhar

Heads up for Tails is probably the best for all pet supplies and care. Every time I buy I am assured of buying quality and satisfaction. The product line up, customer service, everything is well executed. My baby loves all his toys brought from you and now his beautiful bed.

Preetika Gupta

Love your outlet and your enthusiasm....we always keep going back to the store . Our pet's first bed and every product after comes from HUFT! Keep up the fab work girl!

Pooja Dhawan

Let me tell you that you've an excellent customer & reminder service.... Being an old client with two furry boys, HUFT has been the go to place since by boys stared with their first treat!! More power to you and HUFT!

Bhupesh Periwal

Kudos to your team...your passion .. this is our little one at the HUFT store... she enjoys every time she goes there.. and we pet parent simply love it!! thank you so much!!! And a big congratulations!

Saptamita De

I just love Heads Up For Tails! The products are well thought and they truly help me look after my loved one the way I want to! You are living your purpose and you are helping us live ours in this aspect! Wish you joy and success!

Supria Dhanda

I love HUFT, and every person who is associated with your stores and your brands. It is absolutely my favorite place to go to for advice, support, and the cutest products! Goes without saying that it is my dog's favorite place to visit as well. Thank you for building this beautiful brand!

k. Megha Banerjee

I love HUFT, and every person who is associated with your stores and your brands. It is absolutely my favorite place to go to for advice, support, and the cutest products! Goes without saying that it is my dog's favorite place to visit as well. Thank you for building this beautiful brand!

k. Megha Banerjee

You are a rockstar Rashi and there are so so many of us who are absolute fans of the service you provide. I am thrilled to see your journey into the world of entrepreneurship and you are definitely an inspiration. And I am sure our four legged friends are equally grateful to you :)

Murali Narasimhan

I am a customer of HUFT and find them amazing. The products are just so right for my fur baby and the service is really good as well. Thank you for all the help that you and your team extended to all of us during the lockdowns. More Power to you!!

Sheila Vasan Singla

Excellent customer support and experience,world renowned product and smooth and helpful suggestions...I have been a regular customer of HUFT and my cats they don't only love the food but crazy for the bags too and wanted to sleep their whole night.Really remarkable Kudos...Rashi

Syed Nawazish Ahsan

Ohh I love your products!! Every time I'm in Bangalore I go to your shop! My pugs love the biscuits and I love the jackets and sweaters but I live in the Middle East and too hot for that here.. great store!!!

Arabella Mayben

I have always had a pleasant experience shopping at HUFT! Some of the things we picked up years ago are still around and enjoyed by Spock & Grey! Well done... and keep on keeping on!

Divya Rao

Thank you very very much Rashi Narang for amazing collection of clothes for our special kids. Was so happy to see this post of yours that I couldn't resist posting my baby's pic wearing one of your creations. Hats off to you and your mum for giving this amazing experience to us.

Sonam A

Excellent work Rashi. Head up for tails is the best product that is available in the country for our furry friends. More power to you.

Vrushali Salvi

My dog and thousands others are eternally grateful to you !

Preeti Reddy

You've made a brand out of passion and love. Those are the two things anyone needs to needs to Stand up and Start up! god bless and loads of woof love to you and your team!!

Geetika Chadha

I remember visiting your stall when you had just started out and loved the products. Happy to see the growth and how far you have come ! Keep going strong .

Monica Majithia

I hugely thank you for the contributions you make for streeties/community pets. Your work and motto is commendable.


So glad you started HUFT. My Simba , a Lab, is happier because of your products.

Steffi Rose Joseph

Absolutely love the brand the products. Wonderful to have a HUFT nearby.

Abhinandan Ghosh

You make the world brighter and happier. Love your store.

Ritu Rekha

I am one happy coustomer. Best products keep it up.

Abhishek Bisen

Love love love your brand! And the teams at the stores are stellar !

Sienam Ahuja

So glad you started HUFT. My Simba ,, a Lab, is happier because of your products...

Steffi Rose Joseph

hugely thank you for the contributions you make for streeties/community pets. Your work and motto is commendable.


Great job Rashi Narang , been to many of your stores, love the portraits there. Outstanding store reach out and management, all the best.

Gaurav Adlakha

Congratulations and we the loyalist of HUFT are extremely thankful to you your team and most important to your fury who is the reason you took this step. Kudos to team HUFT.

Lt Col Sanjay Ahuja

My pet and i are huge fans of your brand, he enjoys many of the wonderful items from your store ~ thanks to you and your team

Purnima Sahni Mohanty

Love the quality of products. Especially the attention to the little details.. The locking mechanism on the hook of the leash for example.

Pura Mehta

What a LOVED business you have created! Heart warming to see the face behind all the incredible, endless stuff we pick from #HUFT. Thank god for you!

Rubina Guleria

More power to you Rashi. HUFT has been the go-to-destination for pet parents and really love the curated products/services you line up for pets.

Mahadevan Gopalkrishnan

@rashi you have made a great difference in both pets and pet parents lives . Keep up the fabulous work, HUFT products and store experience both never seem to disappoint.

Neha Gianchand

Heads Up For Tails is my favourite go to place whenever | need something for my pets. Very well thought and quality products. Keep up the good work!

Shivangi Singh

Well said Rashi. As a customer of Heads Up for Tails, | should say you have eased my life in taking care of my pet's needs on the click of a button. Hats off to you.

Vijayachitra Jayabalan

My Imli (Indie) loves HUFT, we love the vibe of the people, community and how welcoming everyone is towards our furry friends. What you've built is amazing, lots of love from Pune.

Arashdeep Sandhu

Rashi Narang... Thank you for HUFT...!

My indie (Harley "drama" Quinn) absolutely loves your stuff, and I love the fact that | can spoil her with good material.

Abhinava Narayana

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