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HUFT Narrow Tooth Comb For Pets

No-slip, easy to use pet grooming comb

Availability: 57 in stock


HUFT Double Sided Steel Comb for Cats & Dogs - Orange

Strong, easy to use pet grooming comb

Availability: 18 in stock


Trixie Dog and Cat Flea Comb

Durable, convenient & effective

Availability: 5 in stock

₹295.00 ₹265.50 10% Off

HUFT Double Sided Brush for Dogs & Cats - Orange

No-slip, easy to use pet grooming brush

Availability: 29 in stock


HUFT Bamboo Double Sided Brush for Dogs

Eco-friendly, durable & effective

Availability: 51 in stock


HUFT Pet Massage Brush

Easy to use, sturdy pet grooming brush

Availability: 9 in stock


Trixie Dog/Cat Double Sided Comb

Removes tangles & extra hair easily

Availability: 12 in stock

₹330.00 ₹297.00 10% Off

HUFT Bendable Slicker Dog Brush

Durable, easy to use dog grooming brush

Availability: 43 in stock


HUFT Bamboo Slicker Brush For Dogs & Cats

Lightweight, easy to use pet grooming brush

Availability: 43 in stock


Trixie Petting Dog and Cat Glove

Easy to wear & suitable for sensitive skin

Availability: 7 in stock

₹375.00 ₹337.50 10% Off

Wahl Pet Detangling Comb for Pets

Sturdy, easy to use & ideal for medium/long-haired dogs

Availability: 12 in stock


M-Pets Regular Comb Black & Blue 4*19.5 cm

Effective design & easy to use

Availability: 34 in stock


Dog Brushes & Combs Collection: Easy To Use Grooming Products for Dogs

Basic grooming for dogs goes a long way in helping overall health and wellness. Something that you can do quite easily at home is brushing your pet every day. This distributes natural oils across the coat and makes it look well-kept and glossy. Brushing also encourages blood circulation which contributes to the health of the skin and coat. For shedding season, a dog deshedder brush is a must. You can catch shed hair right at the source so there is much less around the house and on your furniture. Just pick a dog brush or comb that is ideal for daily brushing sessions at home.

Remember that dogs can sense it if you’re restless or anxious to be done and will probably reflect this in their behavior. So, choose a time when you are relaxed and don’t have to rush off to the next task.  Then remember to keep everything you need ready so you don’t have to interrupt the session. It’s important to get your dog to enjoy the session so they come to you voluntarily for it – the more you force them, the more resistant they will be.

Keep your sessions short maybe a maximum of 15-20 minutes. When done right this is a great way to strengthen the bond you have with your pet. It’s something that makes them feel good just as well.

If your space is too small to give your dog a bath comfortably or the weather doesn’t cooperate, book him or her in for an appointment at a dog spa. Professional groomers and dog-specific grooming equipment ensure a thorough groom and a clean dog with a dry coat.

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