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HUFT Quintessential Double-Walled Pet Bowl

High-quality, long-lasting, anti-skid bowl

Availability: 60 in stock

1200 ml
1900 ml

HUFT Elevated Cocker Bowls

Specially designed for dogs with long ears

Availability: 23 in stock


HUFT Foldable Double Diner For Dogs

Durable, easy to clean & travel-friendly

Availability: 267 in stock


HUFT Marble Finish Steel Dog & Cat Bowl

Attractive, easy to maintain pet bowl

Availability: 6 in stock

₹999.00 ₹799.20 20% Off
S/230 ml
M/900 ml
L/1500 ml

HUFT White Pattern Slant Insert Bowl For Dogs

Slanted design for dogs with small snouts

Availability: 16 in stock

M/175 ml
L/430 ml

HUFT Blue Dot Embossed Bowl for Dogs

Lightweight & easy to handle

Availability: 2 in stock

M/900 ml
L/1950 ml

M-PETS Combi Double Bowl For Pets - Off White

Removable, convenient & dishwasher-safe

Availability: 27 in stock

S/2X350 ml
M/2X500 ml
L/2X950 ml
XL/2X1500 ml

HUFT Dot Embossed Black Dog Bowl

Easy to use, stainless steel dog bowl

Availability: 31 in stock

XS/350 ml
S/500 ml
M/950 ml
L/1900 ml
XL/2700 ml

HUFT Summer Legacy Melamine Bowls For Dogs & Cats

Lightweight, safe & vibrant 

Availability: 6 in stock

S/210 ml
M/400 ml
L/800 ml
XL/1600 ml

M-Pets Melamine Bowl For Dogs - Assorted - 450 ml

Anti-slip, easy maintenance & dishwasher-safe

Availability: 14 in stock


HUFT Zig Zag Lick Red Mat for Dogs (25 x 25 x 1.5 cm)

Chemical-free food mat for mental stimulation

Availability: 80 in stock


HUFT Pride Food Placemat for Dogs & Cats

Easy to clean food mat made from recyled cotton

Availability: 149 in stock


Best Dog Bowls, Feeders & Diners: Strong, Colorful & Convenient Pet Diners

Different dogs have different needs, even when it comes to their dog bowls! For doggies with long ears like Cocker Spaniels and Basset Hounds, the Ears Out Cocker Bowl is ideal. This design keeps their long ears from falling into their bowls! For greedy labs or pugs who eat too fast, opt for slow feeders so they pause between bites. For giant or large breeds, special dog diners make mealtimes easier. Explore our finest collection of best dog bowls and feeders.

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