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Dog Toys

Heads Up For Tails turns 14! Celebrating 14 years of partnering with pet parents. Get chew, plush, interactive, squeaker dog toys & m...

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Availability: 29 in stock


HUFT Seaside Slipper Cuddle Dog Toy

Easy to play with, Engaging  

Availability: 21 in stock


HUFT X©Marvel Iron Man Fetch Dog Toy - Yellow

 Squeaker toy for soft chewers

Availability: 41 in stock


HUFT Birthday Greeting Card Dog Toy

Fun squeaker & crinkle toy

Availability: 2 in stock


HUFT Birthday Snuffle Party Hat Dog Toy

 Snuffle toy for gentle chewers

Availability: 12 in stock


HUFT Birthday Snuffle Cupcake Dog Toy

Two-in-one snuffle toy

Availability: 3 in stock


HUFT Birthday Box Combo For Dogs

All-in-one dog toy combo   

Availability: 103 in stock


HUFT Melon-bite Cuddle Dog Toy

 Easy to play with & Engaging

Availability: 15 in stock


HUFT X©Marvel Hulk Rope Dog Toy

 Strong and fun rope dog toy

Availability: 14 in stock


HUFT Pineapple Cuddle Dog Toy

Easy to play with & engaging

Availability: 25 in stock


HUFT Dinky Crab Cuddle Dog Toy

 Easy to play with & Engaging  

Availability: 24 in stock


Dog Toys: Your Dog's Playtime Partner

Spending time with and playing games with your dog is one of the most fun and important duties a pet parent has! This is how you form a bond with your pet, so do try to squeeze in some time for your pet every day. Common breeds we have as pets include Labradors, Retrievers and Beagles. These are all highly intelligent and were bred to work. So, they can get quite bored when they have nothing to do all day. When bored, dogs often become destructive and devise naughty antics that exasperate us. Don’t worry, we have plenty of dog toys ranging from HUFT teething toys for pups to Nina Ottosson puzzles, KONG interactive dog toys, GiGwi plush toys and more to keep them busy. You can easily fill your dog’s toy box so he or she leaves your shoes alone!

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