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Royal Canin - Tailored Nutrition for Your Dogs & Cats

Royal Canin is invested in helping your pets live their best lives by giving them the best diet possible. One of the key values of this brand is its pursuit of knowledge. This is why they work closely with pet behaviorists and vets to develop foods that meet your pets’ needs.

Royal Canin has been in the pet food industry since 1968 and has learned that even the smallest nutritional change can impact your pet’s quality of life. In fact, this is the very thought that led to the foundation of Royal Canin by Jean Cathary over 50 years ago in a small town called Puy-en-Velay, France.

Tailored Nutrition

Whether you are looking for Royal Canin Puppy Food, Dog Food or Royal Canin Cat Food, each recipe contains exact levels of nutrients that pets need depending on their breed, life stage and lifestyle. This is what Royal Canin calls ‘tailored nutrition.’

To illustrate with an example: German Shepherds are known to have sensitive tummies so, this brand ensures their food is formulated to be easily digested. This food is further fortified with fiber to improve digestion. Kibble for brachycephalic pugs is clover shaped to make it easier for these dogs to pick up and eat. All Royal Canin dog food is naturally preserved by using rosemary extract, mixed tocopherols, and even citric acid.

For Dogs and Cats

Good health starts with a good diet and at every life stage, your pet’s needs vary. For kittens and pups, you can look for the Royal Canin starter series. This also contains variations for different breeds, for instance, the Royal Canin Maxi starter is for pups of large breed dogs. Similarly, these ranges also exist for cats.

At Heads Up For Tails, We have a complete range of Royal Canin Pet Foods available and ready to be delivered at your doorstep. Order now and give your pets the tailored nutrition.

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