Puppy Food


Puppy Food: Premium Quality Food for All Puppy Breeds

When you first bring home your pup, it is best to continue with whatever he or she has been eating in his or her mother’s house for a few more days. Too much change in a short period of time can upset your pup’s tummy. Make the transition to a new type of food gradual so your puppy has time to adjust to it. It is important to feed puppies a diet that supports their high-energy requirements as well as their development. Feeding them adult dog food at this stage is not likely to meet their nutritional requirements.

Additionally, pups of different breeds may need slightly varying diets. For instance, pups of large breed dogs may need some specific nutrients for bone support in line with their staggering growth. Pups of smaller breeds like pugs and Shih Tzus tend to grow much faster and need slightly varying nutrients. Speak to your vet or canine nutritionist about the specific needs of your pet. To make it more palatable and easy to eat, soak dry food in some warm water to release the flavors and soften the kibble.

From Royal Canin and Taste of the Wild to Acana, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to puppy food. Orijen puppy food is another popular option. At HUFT, we have a range of top quality puppy food from premium brands available for your little furry friend.

Pups are generally not fussy about what they eat and need to be fed on average about four times a day. This is essential for optimum growth and development so remember to stock up on plenty of puppy food. It is also important that your furry has access to clean water throughout the day.