Dry Dog Food

We know how much doggies love their meals and we’re doing our best to get together a yum collection of dry dog food for them! From Orijen and Acana to Royan Canin, Farmina, Doggie Dabbas and Arden Grange, we have a wide variety of dog food brands for you. Each brand offers its own varieties of flavors and proteins so you have plenty to choose from to make your pet happy. With food, it’s more than just taste that you need to consider. Your pet’s lifestyle, allergies, breed, age and other factors need to be considered as well so you can be sure you’re giving them the nutrition they need. We understand that pups have different nutritional requirements than adults and when your doggie turns senior, the diet must be altered slightly. To cater to all these needs, we have dog food options to suit any life stage and breed. You can choose from different pack sizes and remember, each pack comes with its feeding guidelines so be sure to check this before you feed your pet.