Love is a pet (or two or three or more)

We are all too familiar with the good and the furry sides of being pet parents. We know that silence is suspicious when you have a puppy at home, a piece of every sandwich must goto the dog and we always remember to say “I’ll be back as soon as I can!” when we leave the house.

We Believe in Furry Tails

We often wake up to a face full of fur, believe that every kind of weather is the snuggle-your-pet weather. We also have sweaters now rendered unusable because they’re covered in pet hair! But we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Heads Up for Tails was founded with the sole aim of making the lives of all pet companions, better. By offering you products and services that make your pets more comfortable, healthier and happier, we hope to strengthen the bond between pet and parent.

With a firm belief in safety, innovation and empathy, we create and curate a range of relevant pet products and services. Our Pet Spas are already turning those dreaded bath days around to make the experience as pleasant and relaxing as it should be.

We are constantly adding our inventory of products and services to give you a holistic pet care experience and become rock solid partner in your pet parenting journey.

We understand that with pets, a one-size-fits-all philosophy falls flat, so we have personalisation and customisation services that give your pet truly unique products.

In short, we’re head-over-heels for pets and come in to work every day to try and make their worlds better in any way we can.


Dog Therapy


To strengthen the relationship between humans and their pets.
To make pet ownership more responsible, a richer experience and more fun.
To help animals in need.


We are focused on creating and curating the best products for our beloved pets.
Safety, innovation, empathy and utility drivers our product design.
We want to delight customers with our products and empathetic interactions.
Our customers should look upto us as their trusted advisors.
Use part of our profits to help animals in need.


To be the leading brand for pet products and pet store chain in India.
To expand our footprint globally.