To us, pets are family. And family deserves nothing but the best!

Long before the stores, the spas and the website, even before that tiny spark of an idea came to be, there was love. The kind of love you can only have with a pet. The kind of love that makes us family.

Over a decade ago, a bundle of love bounded into our lives and made our family whole.

Unquestioningly, she showered us with affection, expanded our hearts and showed us the way to pay it forward.

- Rashi Narang


It was Sara that sparked the beginning of Heads Up For Tails - a store dedicated to the four - legged members of all families. It started out in a small room at home and then, after countless exhibitions and pop-ups, we had our big retail start as a tiny kiosk at the Select City Mall in Delhi! It was huge at the time, it was certainly an important milestone. The company grew slowly, we took our time to get to know our new favourite furries (and their families) better. We learnt a whole lot, we met more people who were just as head-over-heels for animals as we were and we grew one store at a time. Before we knew it, we had 30 stores in 6 different cities and a few special pet spas as well!

Our journey has been eventful, filled with lessons and more love than we hoped for. We're proud today to see that we've built a company that chooses kindness over commerce, values relationships and trusts in the magic of wagging tails.

Pets are at the heart of everything we do here, they make our lives whole. With each collection, we do our best to honour them.


Our Vision

For every home to experience the joys of raising pets as family

Our Mission

To create and curate innovative products and services that bring joy to pets and their families, one home at a time

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Meet our leadership team

Rashi Narang

Creative Director | Founder

Samarth Narang

Chief Executive Officer

Riddhima Coelho

Head of Sales

Rahul Sanon

Head of Operations - Delhi

Sandeep Atmaram

Head of Operations - Bengaluru

Sangmesh Jatti

Chief Financial Officer

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