Pet Mats: Colorful, Cozy and Comfortable Mats for Dogs & Small Pets

Pet Mats from HUFT were made so your pet would always have a comfortable space to snooze. Whether it’s under your desk as you work, in your car on commutes/drives in the city or on your sofa for a quiet evening. Spreading a mat out on a car seat or sofa is a great way to protect the covers from fur and scratches. They have been used for both cats and dogs.

Convenient and Available in Different Sizes
The HUFT pet mats can be rolled up, secured with straps (that accompany each pet mat) and then carried as easily as you would a yoga mat! This is what makes it so convenient on commutes or road trips. We have a collection of pet mats of different sizes so you can get one that works for your pet. Remember to choose one that has plenty of room for your furry to stretch out. Pet mats are a great way to make travel crates cosy as well. You just need to choose a size that fits in.

Personalised and Easy to Maintain
Personalized Dog Mats are popular as you can have your pet’s name printed on! Available in a wide range of prints, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Each pet mat is lightly stuffed with polyfill and has a durable fabric outer layer. This makes them very easy to keep clean and you can wash them as required.

Cooling Mats for Hot Days
Speaking of mats, here’s another kind you may want to take a look at - cooling mats. These are made to keep your pet cool on hot days (especially during summers). These mats have self-cooling technology that always keeps the surface cool!