Joining Heads Up For Tails as a franchise partner gives your entrepreneurial inclinations a head start. Founded over a decade ago with a clear mission, we’ve stayed in the lead by embracing innovation and building a solid brand.

Over 31 Heads Up For Tails stores are running successfully across the country, catering to the needs of thousands of pet families.

Anyone who walks into a HUFT store knows we are committed to giving them nothing but the best. It is our experience and extensive knowledge of the pets, the pet space, training, marketing and operations that enables us to do this. Benefit from our support and expertise to give flight to your dreams.

More than Just a Pet Store

HUFT is more than just a collection of pet products. Over the years we’re forged bonds with respected professionals in the pet space as well as with pet families all over the country. We’ve seen dogs who first visited us as pups, watched them grow into adults and then, seniors. We’ve been with their families every step of the way. At HUFT, we’re geared to be our customers’ 'PET PARENTING PARTNERS' and do what it takes to make their lives happier.

Forging Ahead

Despite the many new entrants the pet space has seen in recent years, it remains largely disorganized. We forge ahead doing what we do best – putting our customer’s needs first.

Being 'PET PARENTING PARTNERS', we’re in a unique position to understand exactly what it takes to be one. We have always prioritised customer interaction and as a result, we are well attuned to understanding their concerns and hopes. This was one of the reasons that we opened pet spas that focus on ethical grooming practices.

With the spotlight on innovation, we aim to continue to create a true differentiation in the Indian pet space and address any pet parenting problems that have gone unnoticed in the past.

Our Reach

We are currently at 30 stores (and growing) in key locations across Delhi/NCR, Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad. This gives us an excellent platform to communicate and interact with pet parents across the country.

Pet people also have access to our inventory online via social media and our website. With over 500,000 people interacting with us online, it has proved to be a strong resource as well.

Our Stores


We’re pet people, are you?

We’re interested in forming relationships with those who are as committed to the pet cause as we are. One of the many lessons we’ve learnt from our furry companions is to commit fully

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