Our Kind of People

Get going, then get better

Pushing comfort zones is how we grow. We encourage learning, we love watching people add to their skills and growing a new set of wings  

Love Animals

It’s as simple as that. We founded this company on the deep love we have for all animals and we work every day to make their worlds safer and happier. We’re not asking all of you to be crazy in love with every animal you meet. But we do believe in treating all living creatures with respect and empathy 

Stay Curious 

Just because something is perfect, it doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. If you’re a dreamer, we’re listening

Make it Happen

Wasted time isn’t really about another minute you’ve lost in front of a screen. It’s about losing the time you had to execute that brilliant idea. It’s about all the minutes you lost to make a difference 

Are Thinkers and Doers

We like people who can think for themselves. If one path is blocked, there must be another way to get it done! We like those of you who like to chart out new paths on the map

Own it

Is every day going to be a breeze? No. It never is. Sometimes it’s compliments, other times it’s criticism. We like people who take those sour lemons, make lemonade and figure out a way to serve it with a side of chips (and share)!


Work + Heart 

They say if you love what you do, you don’t have to work a day in your life. Sure, we have good days and bad days like everyone else, but we come in to work loving what we do 

People Matter

Like any pack, we stick together. You’re more than just an employee at a desk or a guy behind the counter. We want you to learn, we want you to grow and we want the time you’re with us to be happy 

Upwards and Onwards

Anyone can do well if they have the right guidance and we’re here to give you just that. We understand that when you improve, it reflects well on all of us 

One of Us

We’re not sticklers for the conventional, we thrive on diversity. The world is full of different people, opportunities and needs. And it takes all of us to make it.  We accept everyone who wants to make an honest living and believes in our values 

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