Personalised Pet Products Collection at HUFT

Whether you have just one pet at home or multiple snugglers, personalised dog accessories are a convenient addition to your home. Not only do you give your pet something of his or her own but these accessories also come in handy when you need to distinguish one pet’s belongings from another.

Having Personalised dog tags on their collars or harnesses is a basic safety precaution that all pets should have. A tag has your contact information engraved on it so, in case your pet ever wanders off, the person who finds him or her will be able to reach out to you immediately. Dogs tend to lose their tags so make sure you keep a few spares. This way your pets will always have a little bit of protection with them no matter where they go. Personalised dog collars spell your pet’s name out and this adds a little fair to their look. The dog tags are available in a range of shapes and colors so you have plenty to choose from.

A Personalised dog cushion or a pet mat is another favorite amongst pet parents. These pet mats can be rolled up and carried with you to work, a picnic at the park or even on one of your road trips. Having your pet’s name printed on it certainly helps to keep track of it. The dog cushions are a sweet way of including the love you have for your pet in your home décor. 

Personalised products for dogs are a lovely way to make your pet’s belongings just that much more special. Our collection has plenty of products that you can personalise for your pet, from beds, pet mats and bowls to even collars.