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Dog Shampoo

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HUFT Natural Tick & Flea Repellent Shampoo for Dogs

Plant-based, pH-balanced dog shampoo

Availability: 60 in stock

200 ml
500 ml

HUFT Natural Deep Cleansing and Deodorising Shampoo for Dogs

Gentle on the coat, improves circulation & makes the coat healthy

Availability: 72 in stock

200 ml
500 ml

HUFT Natural Shampoo for Puppy and Kitten - Vanilla & Honey

Plant-based, pH-balanced dog shampoo & cat shampoo

Availability: 35 in stock

200 ml
500 ml

Pet Head Life's an Itch Soothing Dog Shampoo - 475 ml

Natural, purifying, fortifying & nourishing

Availability: 47 in stock


Forcans Long Coat Aloe Dog Shampoo

Moisturises & prevents tangling

Availability: 58 in stock

750 ml
4 ltr

Pet Head Dirty Talk Deodorizing Dog Shampoo - 475 ml

Gentle, odour-neutralising & helps keep the coat luscious

Availability: 61 in stock


Isle of Dogs Everyday Silky Coating Dog Shampoo - Jasmine + Vanilla - 500 ml

Softening, cleansing, hydrating & fragrant

Availability: 86 in stock


Pet Head Puppy Fun Tearless Dog Shampoo - Yummy Orange - 475 ml

Extra-gentle, hypoallergenic & ideal for sensitive skin

Availability: 113 in stock


Skout's Honor Probiotic Shampoo For Dogs & Cats - Lavender - 473 ml

Deep-cleansing, aromatic & great for pets suffering from skin allergies

Availability: 198 in stock


Isle of Dogs Tearless - Puppy Shampoo - 473 ml

Gentle, tear-free, paraben-free & fragrant

Availability: 21 in stock


TropiClean OxyMed Hypo Allergenic Dog & Cat Shampoo - 592 ml

Natural, soap-free, hypoallergenic & tear-free

Availability: 61 in stock


RELIQ Mineral Spa Dog Shampoo - Lavender - 500 ml

Natural, tear-free, nutrient-rich & contains nano-enhanced minerals

Availability: 402 in stock


Dog Shampoo Collection for All Dog Breeds

Despite belonging to the same breed, two dogs may respond to the same shampoo differently. Individual differences do exist among skin and fur types due to a range of factors. This is exactly why, here, you have a whole range of different dog shampoos to choose from.

Some coats respond beautifully to Himalaya Dog Shampoo while others just have to use the EarthBath dog shampoo. Age also is a factor to consider when it comes to choosing shampoos. Puppies definitely need a formula that is more gentle on their sensitive skin. The best puppy shampoo should be tearless as well so it doesn’t sting your little one’s eyes.

Seniors pets may also need gentle shampoos depending on the condition of their skin. If your dog has a skin condition, you may need a medicated shampoo. You should only buy and use these on the advice of a vet.

While shampoos do play a role in the way your pet’s fur looks, to achieve that lovely, soft and shiny fur coat supplying your pet with the right nutrition is really key. You can speak to a vet or a pet nutritionist for advice on this.

Experienced groomers are invaluable at explaining to you what type of skin and coat your pet has. This can help you narrow down the type of shampoos you need to invest in. Our dog spas are well equipped to groom dogs with specific conditions, just explain your pet’s requirements to our groomers. If they need special shampoo to be used, you can bring it along with you. The key thought behind opening our pet spas was to provide a safe, comfortable grooming experience for pets. To make bring your doggie by just give us a call to make an appointment in your city.

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