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Best Cat Grooming Essentials: Brushes, Deodoriser, Shampoo & More

Yes, you’ve probably seen your cat spending hours grooming himself or herself. Despite their sincere efforts, you will need to pitch in from time to time on a few aspects of cat grooming.

Remember to choose a grooming time when both of you are relaxed and calm. Perhaps this is after your cat’s meal and after your chores are complete. Make the experience as enjoyable as possible for both of you so it serves as a bonding activity as well.

The basic of grooming is a good brushing with a cat grooming brush and perhaps, a wipe down with wet kitty wipes. Keep each grooming session short and try to assess your pet’s mood. If your cat is restless and uncomfortable, just cut the session short and pick it up at another time. Forcing your cat to stay put will only make him or her more resistant to future sessions.

Ticks and fleas are a common problem with companion animals and a safe cat tick and flea collar is just what you need to fix this problem. Baths are probably a good idea as well and there are pet spas who will be able to help you with this.

An often ignored aspect of pet care is dental hygiene. Bad dental health could lead to trouble with eating and subsequently, nutrition. An easy way to take care of your cat’s teeth is the Petkin Plaque Spray. Ask your groomer or vet about keeping your pet’s ears clean as well. The TropiClean Dual Ear Cleaner for Pets is a popular product for ear care.

Keeping your cat well-groomed and clean does wonder to improve temperament and comfort. If you think about it, it’s the same with humans, after a good bath or a haircut we do feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It’s the same with pets.

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